July 6, 2013

We are very happy to launch Active Connector!

In fact, we believe that this is simply not the business just ‘providing a service’, but this is a social movement, which we will together make with you!

We spend more than 80,000 hours of our life working. How do you want to spend your 80,000 hours?
Let’s think in a day phase: Imagine yourself working in Japan….this is how your life will be like….
You will wake up at almost the same time each day, and you will be sitting in the same desk for hours and hours. You go home fighting to get space in a packed train….….all this for for five days a week!

So…..our question is, is working all about just making money?
Is working all about getting into a company where everyone heard about?
Is that really going to make YOU happy?

We, Active Connector, want to keep asking you this question, and we want to find out the answer together!
We will keep you updated, so please stay tuned!

Life is like a constantly unfolding journey, a new place all the time, but never a destination. So get up and explore new world. If we already know what will happen, what is the point of trying it again? So challenge yourself. Explore new world. UNKNOWN IS EXCITING.
Do what you love: love what you do. To work is not about getting money. YOUR WORK IS EXPRESSION OF YOUR SELF. Only through bringing difference together does uniqueness emerge; only through crossing borders are new spaces created. DIVERSITY IS THE FOUNDATION OF INNOVATION.

Active Connector Mission Statement

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