November 1, 2013

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Oct. 30th, the second inspiring talk session (first Special Event for Halloween) was successfully held in our decorated office @Hongo. Mr. Fujimoto, the CEO of Street Academy, was invited to give this special lecture about online education market and share his amazing entrepreneurship stories for us this time.

18 international students from Todai, Waseda and Hitotsubashi University joined in the event and we were so excited to find that there were some “familiar faces” that attended our past events as well. Just as always, a  variety of thought-provoking questions were raised by our creative & unique participants, and some of them were still under discussion even at the end of the event.


AND, DO NOT FORGET, It was a Halloween Event! 120% fun was just waiting for everyone in the coming party time. We had a super sweet potluck party that everyone shared food they brought and 2 bottles of wine were treated by us. You can cooked, talked, what’s more, learned from the people just standing next to you! What a great chance and how wonderful the time is having you all that night~!

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The party was perfectly finished around 23:00. We were really happy to see the smiles on everyone’s face and the “Thank you” they said before leaving. A great Halloween for you, a BEST Halloween for us!

Active Connector Team

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