Oct 8 2020 Startups & COVID-19: Why should you explore working in a startup during crisis?

It is vital that the start-up ecosystem not only survive but also thrive during and after this crisis. Startups are the lifeblood of a competitive economy: they challenge existing businesses, deliver fresh and varied opportunities for jobs, and give customers preference.

While many of you may feel risky to join startups in challenging economic situations, Mr.Takahashi, ex-CEO of a Japanese startup called Voyagin thinks the opposite. He thinks that it is rather the BEST and GREAT time for people to join startups.

Voyagin is a travel activities marketplace that allows travelers and locals to book tickets and tours in Asia and parts of Europe and the US.

Advised by  Mr.Takahashi,  here are two reasons why it is good to join startups in this challenging time.

The startup is flexible and fast in changes

Darwin said

It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable”

The same is true for companies. Today, many changes are happening at the pace that none of us anticipated.

Startups can adopt better compared to large companies where it usually takes more time to make a decision. Flexibility is the capacity, from new viewpoints, to respond to evolving situations and think about issues. When people started to see risks of COVID-19 cases, startups were the first ones to decide to go full remote work.

More disruptive and innovative technology is likely to emerge

Did you know that many successful startups were founded during the 2008 recession? They include Uber, Air BnB, and Slack.  While in a challenging time, many of the startups may go into difficulty in keeping the business, it gives a chance for startups to think about truly innovative and needed technologies.

In fact, in Japan, the first half of 2020, the total amount of investment made to startups remained high. Compared to that of 2019 (January to June 2019), the amount is increased by 30 billion JPY.   Some of the technologies that are getting attention in this time include delivery services, vTuber, and entertainment business, and online meeting system.



Do you want to join Mr.Takahashi’s new startup? He is looking for a passionate and talented lead engineer for his startup! Please see below links for more details.

Lead Engineer Job description: URL 


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