Apr 19 2019 What's next for careers in promising areas in the IT industry?

So you moved from your home country and plunged into the fascinating and multifaceted cultural world of Japan, where the concept of the old-meets-new never fails to capture the hearts of those who are of different background. Amidst the current workforce and labour crunch, there is a silver lining to this dilemma, more opportunity for highly skilled and passionate individuals regardless of your nationality.

According to the data published by the Justice Ministry Statistics last December 2018, the number of foreign residents in Japan hit a record of 3.2 million. Among these the foreign residents that acquired an “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” status are around 212,000 a 12% increase from 189,000 back in December 2017. Now this is just one of the sectors that allows foreigners to work in Japan. Recently there are more efforts, such as the new “Special Skilled” visa status that was announced last year, and 2 more new ones to be implemented this year coming from the Japanese government to try and bring in more people from all over the world and open more opportunities to solve labor shortages and match the demand for professionals in certain industries. Having cited this, there are definitely opportunities available for foreigners.

One of the most in demand career opportunities is within the Information Technology. It’s no secret that Japan is one of the leading countries for innovation. Last year alone, the investment in startups by big Japanese enterprises almost doubled according to the business trends section of Nikkei Asian Review, an english business journal under Nikkei Inc.. With that being said, they need a lot of help from technically skilled professionals to turn and develop their ideas and visions into actual results.

The Information technology is a very wide scope of topic. There are a lot of companies looking for software engineers or developers but more and more are getting very specific in terms of who they need on their team. Having experience or even devoted passion to a certain niche industry definitely gives candidates an advantage.

If you are curious about the top promising areas in the IT industry then you might want to check these out:


1.) Deep Learning

Deep Learning is under the wide scope of machine learning. Simplified, it uses a model inspired by the interactions of neurons of the human brain. It makes learning algorithms more efficient and easier to use. It is teaching machines to react and allow them to analyze data as how humans would. Some areas wherein this can be applied or are already being applied are in the fields of  customer experience, language recognition, computer vision, autonomous vehicles, image caption recognition, advanced robotics and many more.

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2.) Service-oriented architecture

It is a type of software design that allows more communication between services throughout various languages and platforms. This is by implementation of loosely coupled systems, wherein each element doesn’t have to rely heavily on each other especially when one is altered or changed. One of the most promising area of improvement this impacts is on the development of mobile websites and mobile applications.

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3.) Serverless architecture

This type of architecture depends on third-party services (Backend as a Service) or custom codes (Function as a Service) like AWS Lambda. This takes away downtime of focusing into infrastructure too much from implementation down to monitoring. There are a lot of companies already using serverless like Netflix, AOL and many more.

If you are interested or experienced in handling operations and infrastructures as an engineer click IKIGAI to learn more opportunities in this field.


4.) Infrastructure-as-code (containerization)

Referred to as programmable or software-defined infrastructure wherein a higher-level programming language is used to code provisioning and deployment processes rather than relying on system administrators. Some of the examples of IaC tools are Chef, AWS CloudFormation, Red Hat Ansible and many more.

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5.) Quantum Computing

There’s still a long way to go before we fully dive into quantum computing but it’s such a promising area. This advanced way of computing will boost development in areas such as machine learning methods, science, algorithms, and many more. IBM Q Network, a community of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, startups and national research labs working with IBM, is focusing on research and developing commercial applications of quantum computing.


If you are looking for interesting majors or in the process of deciding or switching career directions these might give you some idea of where to dive into and what to expect.
For dynamic individuals who likes to constantly challenge themselves, these are pretty promising areas in the information technology that is definitely worth checking out.

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