Sep 25 2020 What Type Of People Are Good fit For Startups?

“Regret most in life are the risks you didn’t take” quote by Farhan Maqsood.

Joining a startup is not a risk-free option. Sure, even established and previously believed “stable” large companies do lay off in this challenging economic time. However, joining a startup means that you are betting your life for the success of the startups.

Successful entrepreneur, Mr.Takahashi who founded Voyagin shared with us the Best individual required for a startup should have the following attributes associated with him or her.

In 2011, Mr.Takahashi founded a startup called Vaoyagin, a travel activities marketplace that allows travelers and locals to book tickets and tours in Asia and parts of Europe and the US. The company was later acquired by one of the largest Japanese e-commerce platform, Rakuen. He has been leading the company after the acquisition but he recently resigned the position to work on another startup idea.

Advised By Mr. Takahashi, we have to see what kind of people are truly fit for startups?

Believing In the company’s Vision

First of all, if you are going to join startups, you have to be able to believe completely in what the company is attempting to do. There isn’t half-heartedness allowed at this stage in the game!

Sure, it may take time to get as deeply involved as you are, but there should be confident in what you’re doing from day one. You will be excited to help the whole team get the task completed.

Eager To Improve Yourself

For the startup to get through the long days, it requires the drive and energy of the entire team. You will not be able to succeed, or rather contribute to the startups, if you are too passive and lacks the energy to drive towards the company’s goal.

You have to be always eager to improve yourself. And you have to be ready to contribute in all kinds of ways starting from conducting practical research (technical or otherwise), but also possessing the business analytics to appreciate what needs to be done. You may also have to show that you have the emotional intelligence to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds.

Agility, Having The Ability To Adapt Change

An early startup’s ever-changing responsibilities and job demands will need to be completely comfortable. Do you have to ask yourself as you comfortable with fast-paced changes? Or are you the type of person who wishes to have some kind of stability?

Also when there is a need for change, you may face some uncomfortable situation where your expertise or knowledge would not be completed immediately applicable You should be willing and able to take on new roles when necessary. Are you the type of person who can be creative in getting things done?

If needed, you should be able to ask for support, but not allow the lack of experience to get in the way of making things happen. You should never assume that this is the work of someone else. Looking outside the box is not facultative.  A startup is looking for an employee who can look at the larger picture.



Do you want to join Mr.Takahashi’s new startup? He is looking for a passionate and talented lead engineer for his startup! Please see below links for more details.

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