The Naitei season is here. You are going to hear from your friends whether directly or indirectly that they’ve got job offers. For most of the applicants who applied for Japanese companies, this is the time you will hear the news whether your job hunting battle has come to an end or not. For those people who haven’t started job hunting or haven’t got the good news, this may be an extremely difficult time. I have witnessed the  pressure and stress everyone feels when they are looking for the job. The moment you start to think about job hunting (way before you actually apply for a job), a new friend called “anxiety” will soon be knocking on your door. Today, I would like to identify the most common anxiety that bothers job seekers. 



    Have you ever started to study for the finals at the last minute, because you spent your whole time worrying if you are not going to pass the class? Yeah, I have. Actually, always. To be completely honest with you, I am doing t

he same thing with the job hunting. According to my ideal plan, I should have applied for the companies 4 months ago and got a job offer. Oh, well. Guess who hasn‘t applied for any companies yet. I asked myself why I keep procrastinating searching jobs. The answers I found were, “I am afraid if I won’t get a job offer from my dream company”. I haven’t even applied for my dream company    but I already feel anxious about waiting for the call from the company and even afraid of them turning me down.

      Another answer is, that merely preparing to job hunt gives me a headache. From writing your cover letter, trimming cv and writing for the essay… It is like a homework for me. I know, I worry too much and this is quite a silly reason not apply for a job. Simply speaking, you feel already exhausted only with thinking about it. Surprisingly, I noticed a lot of people do procrastinate too especially when it comes to job hunting.



    The interview is the most important thing in the whole job hunting process. Giving interviewers a good impression will make you not only feel better about yourself but the chance of you getting a job offer will be higher. The thing is, most of us feel nervous when you go for an interview, especially if it is a group interview. For me, no matter how well-prepared I am for the interview, I could only tell 80% of the things I wanted to address. Sometimes, I don’t even understand what I am saying during the interview. Foreign job hunters can feel even more stressed when an interview  is conducted in Japanese. Speaking with friends in Japanese and in front of Company Executives are certainly different things. Your posture, your voice tone, choice of the words, use of Keigo, facial expressions and most important, the contexts of your answers, everything will be checked from the moment you enter the interview room to the time you leave.


     If this is your first time looking for a job Full-Time you quite possibly don’t have much to put on your cv. Everyone knows good resumes will catch the recruiters attention and give you an opportunity to have an interview. If you didn’t have time to do any internships or part-time jobs related to the position you want to apply to then the job hunt may appear even more insurmountable.

So, today. I take the most common anxieties that all job seekers feel. From my own personal experience, I strongly recommend you to have more confidence in yourself and just do it. Don’t think about the interview, cv and all the job hunting related things too much. I also suggest you to divide the long process of job hunting into smaller achievable tasks ,to relieve the pressure and make the process feel less stressful.

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