Oct 3 2019 "Silicon Valley is not just a place - It's a mindset"

Japan-What an exciting time to be here. We are witnessing the evolution of Japanese work culture and the Japanese mindset towards a more genuine approach to globalization. It’s changing-but very slowly.

We invited Code Chrysalis’ Co-founder and CTO Ms. Yan Fan for a live interview session to explain to us more about this Silicon Valley mindset. Code Chrysalis is Japan’s Silicon Valley Style coding booth camp situated in Roppongi.

“Silicon Valley is not just a place – It’s a mindset”

Silicon Valley – People automatically think about San Francisco or Menlo park when in reality it’s all about having the mindset for it. This mindset has 3 main aspects.


“Open Source Coding” is a great example and embodiment of it. Coders and developers become a part of a community especially online when they contribute to open source coding, whether it may be posting projects, contributing to someone else’s code, giving feedback, asking questions or anything that creates engagement and contributes to new information or learnings. GitHub is not something new for developers or coders in Japan (If you don’t use it or have it click HERE why you need it!), but you should constantly contribute and stay active on it because it makes a huge impact.


Another aspect to keep in mind is keeping the hunger for improvement alive. Being in Silicon Valley, it’s easier and effortless to learn about new things and be updated with the latest update regarding tech because everyone talks about it there. There are also a lot of events, seminars, and conferences both paid and free that exposes people to learn, experience and engage with new tech or gain new information. Here in Japan, you could do the same. It’s not as many as the ones in Silicon Valley but there are still opportunities. One thing you could do is to go to and you should explore options in terms of seminars, workshops and networking events available where you could potentially learn a lot and a great way to extend your network and meet people.


Instead of focusing on “oh I don’t know this topic”, focus your energy and your attention on “okay, let’s spend a little bit of time to learn it” -Yan Fan

Quitters obviously have a disadvantage on this specific aspect. Not knowing anything about a topic is not a problem, it becomes one if you give up on trying to understand and learn it. Most of the skills we have are not inborn, we take the time and effort to learn it. Genuinely believe that If you don’t know something, YOU CAN LEARN IT.

To achieve the Silicon Valley mindset, you should be able to satisfy and practice those 3 aspects. It all depends on how you use your time, energy and skills to be able to achieve a better version of yourself. THERE IS NO FAILURE EXCEPT INACTION!


Yan Fan: “You’re just constantly bombarded with people’s achievements in Silicon Valley that it gets mentally really tough. Another bad thing is that there are too many smart, ambitious people in that one place that what ends up happening is that the attention of those smart talented people ends up doing stupid stuff like kind of like first world problem apps. I think it’s very important for people to leave Silicon Valley and bring their knowledge and all of that elsewhere. I THINK I CAN HAVE MORE IMPACT IN JAPAN

Watch the whole session with Ms. Yan Fan by clicking HERE!

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