Mar 26 2020 Job Hunting Visa for Japanese Language School Graduates

Good news for students at Japanese language schools who are looking for jobs in Japan!!!

Previously, job hunting visas were issued only for the graduates from universities in Japan and not for Japanese language schools. However, the new immigration system has been applied from February 2020. They have started to allow graduates from Japanese language schools with university degrees to stay in Japan after they graduate from their Japanese schools to stay and find a job in Japan. As long as the student and the school meet the requirements.

Requirements for Student:

  1. Bachelor or higher degree from university abroad
  2. Good attendance rate at their respective Japanese language school
  3. Good financial status to be able to sustain standard of living while job hunting
    (28 hours weekly part-time job will be allowed with job hunting visa)
  4. Already started to do job hunting during studying at language school
  5. Living in the designated area by the government and keep updating job hunting status with the language school and local government. (
  1. Recommendation from the language school

There are other requirements for Japanese language school. If you meet above requirements and would like to apply for a job-hunting visa, please consult with your school.

Required documents:

-Application from
-Passport and Residence Card
-Document that can prove your financial status
– Graduation certificate from Japanese language school
-Certificate of attendance from Japanese language school
-Graduation certificate from the university
-Recommendation letter from Japanese language school
-Document that can prove that you have started to do job hunting from the time you were student.
-Written Oath that you will stay the place that you studied and keep communicating with Japanese language school.
-Certificate from the local government that prove that Japanese language school meets the requirement for this system.

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