Jun 8 2020 Introduction to Decision Intelligence

We recently featured Dr. Kalam Siddike, founder of Decision Intelligence Tokyo group, and he shared with us the wonders of Decision Intelligence and how it can improve our use and integration of data in order to create better decisions that ultimately lead to our desired outcomes.

What is Decision Intelligence?
Decision Intelligence, a relatively new academic discipline, connects human decision-makers to the most powerful technologies that uncover the meaning that lies within data and that helps people use data to improve their lives, businesses, and everything else.

According to Dr. Siddike, Decision Intelligence connects human decision-makers to the most powerful technologies that uncover the meaning that lies within data. It answers the question, “If we make this decision today, which leads to this action, what will be the outcome tomorrow?” Alternatively, Decision Intelligence is about turning information into better actions at any scale. It is very important to crystalize our decision-making activities in real life. Aimed at solving real-world problems, this field is a new way of multidisciplinary thinking including anthropology, political science, psychology, neuroscience, data science, AI/ML, knowledge management, human collaborations, operation research, and others. To put it simply, Decision Intelligence is about visualizing the cause-and-effect chains of our decision-making activities to develop next-generation AI.

Who has started utilizing Decision Intelligence?
Dr. Siddike highlighted that Decision Intelligence is widely applied by tech companies, telecommunication companies, NASA, banking sectors, financial organizations, NGO, healthcare, and many other companies and organizations.

What are the trends regarding the application of Decision Intelligence?
Nowadays, people are interested in the application of Decision Intelligence in order to develop actionable AI to solve the unsolved problems in the world.

What are examples of real life scenarios wherein this can be used and applied?
Dr. Kalam Siddike: “We make thousands of decisions in our daily life. So, if we can visualize the cause and effect links of every decision made by the people on the planet, we believe that we will be able to develop next generation actionable AI. We can apply decision intelligence in healthcare, pandemic, poverty, environment, and many areas of our life.”

What advice do you keep telling yourself you could share with others that keeps you motivated and inspired?
Dr. Kalam Siddike: “If you want to build a better world, inspire the students.”
He further elaborated  the importance of visualizing the links of cause-and-effect of our every decision and practice together to develop a better world by being able to solve the most difficult problems including pandemics, environmental issues, poverty, and many more with Decision Intelligence.

If you want to learn more and be a part of this new and exciting field, do visit Decision Intelligence Tokyo’s MeetUp group to check their upcoming events and discussions. We also invite you to check out our previous interview session on “Decision Intelligence-Turning Data into Solutions” with Dr. Siddike either on our YouTube Channel or our Podcast.


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