Oct 11 2019 Interview Tips to Impress that Hiring Engineer

Even with the high demand of software engineers and tech professionals in Japan, the competition is still very tough. If you think that getting the chance to be invited for the interview is tough wait till you find out the interview process and number of rounds it consist of. This is not always the case for Tech StartUps in Japan. Sometimes their processes are simpler, faster and more direct to the point. This doesn’t mean that it’s easier though. They receive a lot of applications too. But since they receive less applicants compared to big corporations, their interviewers get the chance to pay more attention to important details and facts of the candidates. This means that they take the time to peel off your layers and dive deeper to other factors equally important to your technical skills such as personality, cultural fit, interests and motivation.

We invited Mr. Morgan Lefranc, Machine Learning Engineer and Hiring Manager, to share with us some tips when it comes to the interviewer’s perspective towards the candidates. What’s very interesting is within the tech startup company that Mr. Lefranc works at, he is tasked to evaluate and hire people he will work with as equals. This gives the interviewees insight as to what type of people he will be working along with within the company if ever he was hired. This also goes to the advantage of the interviewee since he can gage if the person applying will be a perfect fit for the work culture, the team, and the type of input they can add towards their projects.

Here are some of the best tips he shared with us.

1.) Put as much information as you can in your Resume/CV

The saying that you should keep your resume 1-2 page only usually works for big companies and corporations but for StartUps, the more detailed your resume is the better. They get less applications so the quality of your resume and your portfolio is given more emphasis. This works for in your favor as well because then the interviewer will probably spend more time asking you about those projects and this is a good opportunity for you to impress them without much effort.

2.) Show your interest and motivation through your PORTFOLIO

Projects you have worked on whether within the company or on your own says a lot on what types of projects interests you and gives an insight on your capabilities. Having GitHub is very important and is a way for the interviewers to asses you and gage your capacity. This works very well for fresh graduates too. Since you do not have much professional experience it’s a good sign that you are actively practicing and contributing on open source projects. Do not hesitate to take online courses and get accreditations for it!

3.) Ask Questions. Good Ones.

Interviews that are memorable are the ones where conversations are very engaging. Interviewers go through 3-10 applicants and being remembered is the goal but make sure that the topics of conversations are still relevant. Ask good questions about company projects, corporate culture, and anything that will show your motivation regarding the task, job and company.

4.) Do Not Be Afraid to Fail

Apply to as many jobs that interest you and attend job interviews with confidence and motivation to land a career wherein you are passionate about. If you fail in some, it’s okay. In Fact fail as many times as you want BUT never repeat the same mistakes twice. You have to learn from your mistakes and understand what you did wrong. So that each time you attend an interview, you already made improvements to step up your job hunting game.


Relax. Interviewers are also human beings, it’s okay to be nervous but always remember that interviews exist for you to get to know the company better and for the company to know you better.

“When you are in your comfort zone it means you are not progressing.” -Morgan Lefranc


STAY OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. AVOID IT. This doesn’t mean that you aways have to stress out about things all the time. It just means that you always try to find little things that makes whatever you do slightly better. This doesn’t only apply to the things that you do but also to yourself in general. TRY TO BE SLIGHTLY BETTER EVERYDAY.

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