Aug 23 2019 How To Find A Company That Best Fits You!

As a foreign engineer working or planning to work in Japan, it’s not a surprise that you will be one of the most sought after talents here in one of Asia’s top technological hubs. As soon as you open your career opportunities section and change your status to “actively looking” in LinkedIn, your Inmail starts filling up and recruiters left and right sends you interesting job positions with attractive salary offers. But how will you cancel out the noise and find the company that best fits you?!

The higher your education level gets and the stronger the experience you possess as an engineer or developer, the more job options and opportunities you get presented with. And being as a foreigner in Japan, we all know that it’s not just about the salary anymore.

Dr. Jimson Ngeo, Senior AI Engineer, who was one of our previous candidates that we helped matched to a solutions tech company shared with us his checklist for finding out if a company is right for you.  

  • Must Have Good International Environment
    Yes, making sure that there is diversity and representation within the team is a good sign of having a global team, but how is the environment like? Here in Japan, communication is very important no matter how technical your role is. If a company promotes itself as having a diverse and international environment, they must make sure that foreigners are able to co-exist and work productively regardless of language and cultural barrier. This can be done through a good support system and nurturing environment encouraging genuine diversity and understanding.
  • Must Provide Adequate Salary
    Typically in Japan, wherein seniority and age is a huge factor, salary is usually proportional with your age. Although this is not always the case but of course for someone who has a strong portfolio, experience wise and educational attainment wise, you would want to get offered a competitive salary. Some people finish their doctorate degree at an earlier age and even participated in a lot of interesting and amazing projects. Your experience, whether coming from the industry or academia,  should be acknowledged and valued by the company. How the company evaluates their applicants and the rationality behind their salary compensation also shows the kind of corporate culture, values and environment that the company promotes.  
  • Must Have A Great Track Record
    When we say track record, this is not only limited to the company’s financial and PR status. We also mean the company’s corporate culture, environment and diversity. Basically the company’s efforts and initiatives to keep improving and making their work environment a supportive one that takes care of their employees and makes an effort for overall improvements. It’s probably one of the most difficult things to check because you would require insider insight from someone who works or worked with the company. If you are working with a recruiter, it would be really helpful if they share insights from someone they have already placed in that company.
  • Must Share Company Values
    “If you share common values with the company, you will get a better sense of accomplishment in everything you do, because you truly believe in what the company does and you part of it. This is probably the most direct and straightforward explanation for this requirement. If you believe in their values and it shows that they are true to these values, you will feel more motivated to keep working for the company and get a higher sense of fulfillment with your work.
  • Must Provide Additional Support
    It’s not really a must, but if you are choosing from several companies, this is a contributing factor to consider, especially since you are in a different country with a different culture. Your needs might not be 100% similar to what locals need. An example would be language support, mentorship, training, support for employees with kids, mental health support, and many more. 


  • Must Add A Personal Touch
    I’m sure most of you gets a lot of messages and job offers from recruitment agents and I’m pretty sure that you are probably tired of the usual washed up templates pushing you to apply for lucrative positions yet steer you away from your true career aspirations. Choose to work with consultants who really took the time to read your profile and online resume(If you have provided one!). It’s always nice to know that the person who reached out to you is sincerely interested in what you do and are working in your best interest at all times.
  • Must Filter Companies (NOT JUST FOCUSING ON SALARY)
    Since the ball is in your court and Japan is your tech oyster, It’s very important that career consultants listen to the type of companies you prefer to work for. Staying and enjoying your job at a company is as important as landing one.

There isn’t a perfect company in the world, but having guidelines and knowing which factors to prioritize can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully it can guide you in making the right decision when accepting a job offer from a company.

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