Nov 1 2019 Growth impact is a 2 way street at Japanese StartUp Companies

Each individual have different preferences when it comes to their ideal company. Some prefer established corporations where they know exactly what is expected out of them and prefers to do a set of specific tasks each time. And then there are those who take pride and joy into diving into the challenging and rewarding world of StartUps.

We sat down and invited one of our Active Connector evangelist, Dr. Motaz Sabri, who we have matched with an AI solutions company. We asked his insights regarding why he decided to pursue a career and specifically target Tech StartUps in Japan.

Dr. Sabri’s career history in Palestine was always with big companies. He shared with us that in terms of experience he definitely was able to accumulate enough and learned a lot through his journey but it wasn’t quite satisfying for him. He felt that working for big companies meant low impact most of the time. He felt like he couldn’t have as much effect as he wanted with his projects or to the company as a whole. The work feels a little bit mundane and repetitive.

What’s special about working at StartUps is that you are always learning something new. You get a greater sense of ownership of the company and the projects you work on. Your voice is louder and people pay more attention to it. You have a more direct impact to the overall condition of the company.


1.) The chances of your ideas and suggestions getting implemented are higher

Something irreplaceable you have when you work at a startup is the trust the company gives you. Your voice is heard clearer and louder in such environment. Even direct communication with the CEO is possible, an opportunity very difficult to get in larger companies.

2.) Autonomy and control over your role

StartUps give you the opportunity to own up to your duties and responsibilities. When needed, you are given more than enough freedom to decide regarding the direction of your career and work. The lesser the ladder, the more autonomy you have regarding your position and the work it entails.

3.) Unique growth development

This is the perfect chance where you capabilities and talents are stretched. You get to discover certain aspects of your professional and personal character and potentials unleashed. StartUps are the perfect ground for learning. Soak as much knowledge and experience you can get.


This is probably the winning aspect in startups-flexibility. Not just in time but in a lot of ways like flexibility in role, talent, and earning potential. StartUps understand that it takes more than the traditional necessities individuals used to value and work for before. Sure, money and stability is important but TIME is of the essence. Professionals and talented individuals understand that you have to get the work done, regardless of a 9-5 job. So you have to know that getting the job done is more important than having a seat warmer at the office.

5.) Interesting and challenging environment

Nothing beats learning the StartUp way. You get to fully understand the industry from Bottom-Top, and Top-Bottom point of view. You get to see the company in all forms, phase and struggle-something that might be little difficult to do in a big company. This definitely brings out your potential in dealing with different situations. Experiences are difficult to buy and the right ones to hone your career are usually through getting your hands dirty.

There are always risks in any types of situations and joining a StartUp is no different. The thing you have to keep in mind are the things you will gain or learn that will definitely outweigh these risks.

These risks definitely pays off eventually as long as you keep learning new things then you are not at a loss.- Dr. Motaz Sabri

Keep in mind the following:

1.) Say YES to every opportunity that comes to you and find the strength to share your story

2.) Don’t be swayed by the size or name of the company:but choose the one that you can truly make a meaningful impact

3.) On being a part of a StartUp: Understand the risks and challenges and work with them

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