May 21 2020 7 Things You Can Do as a Developer During Quarantine

Software Engineers and Developers are not entirely new to having a Work-From-Home or remote work routine. However with almost everything closed and as we practice social distancing from the comfort of our homes during this COVID-19 pandemic, we suddenly find ourselves dealing with a lot of extra time in our hands.

Do you find yourself asking, “What should I do?” 

Well, what else haven’t you done?! One of the most exciting perks of being a part of the tech community is the information sharing culture. There is always something you can contribute or work on to develop your skills at the same time. 

Here are 7 things you can do with your extra time during this quarantine:

  • Start Freelancing
    Having a side hustle during this time is definitely encouraged. Having side projects gives you the flexibility to choose to work on projects that inspire and challenge you. Your day job might limit you to the tasks that you are assigned to, but working on side projects keep your passion and hunger for tech alive. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra source of income, so you get to do what you love while you earn an extra few bucks!
    There are also tons of online platforms wherein you can offer your freelance services like fiverr, upwork, conyac and more.
  • Finally Start that Blog
    You’ve put it off a hundred times but now there are no excuses!  Whether it’s about your experience as an Engineer in Japan, or a certain topic and trend you are interested in, it’s always productive to put your thoughts into writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you are passionate with what you are writing about and using writing as an outlet. You would be surprised what writing can bring out of you. Not only will you improve your communication skills, but writing can help you dig deeper on a specific topic and learn more about the subject.
    Some may even find it therapeutic and you never know who you might inspire by doing so!
  • Try Podcasting
    The internet has made sharing possible in all different forms: articles, videos, photographs, and even just audio! Podcasting might be more of an effort than just writing content, but for some people, ideas and thoughts flow better when they speak and articulate. There are tons of guides for beginners on how to set up a podcast. Here in Japan, although there are already a few platforms for podcasts, it still hasn’t peaked and there are still a lot of opportunities to capture your own niche!
  • Maybe Even Setup a YouTube Account
    Compared to the other options, this is definitely something that will require a lot more effort. When creating content for YouTube, there is definitely more competition and the bar is set incredibly high due to a lot of talented content creators out there. But you shouldn’t be discouraged! Remember that the goal is to find something that you will love and can bring out the passion in you. It might not be for everyone but if you think that you can combine your tech skills with your creative ideas, then there is nothing stopping you from creating your own channel and sharing your content!
  • Contribute & Help out people on forums
    You know how some people’s guilty pleasure is to answer questions on forums or share their insights on online review sites? Well, working to become a contributor on Q&A and discussion websites is actually not a bad idea! If you frequent Stack Overflow or similar platforms and you think you can contribute and help someone, that would be great! Being a top contributor on Stack Overflow or Kaggle would also be a great way to stand out on your resume.
  • Watch Webinars
    Yep! Zoom webinars have been the hottest go-to for live information sharing, especially during this COVID-19 lockdown. Companies are offering different webinar sessions and even online meetup sessions which you can benefit from by attending. You can get to participate in interesting discussions and Q&A sessions on the topics that you are most interested in. It might even be a good chance to do online networking!Despite social distancing practice we can still join tech events and keep learning on different online platforms. Check out our MeetUp group and join our webinar sessions!
  • Learn MORE
    You never really stop learning and now you have more time to start! We wrote an article about different online learning platforms to start or level up your desired tech skills. A lot of them offer both free and paid certifications that can help boost your resume!

These are just a few of our suggestions and top picks. Although this pandemic has truly done the unimaginable and has forced us to stay in, this can be a great opportunity to work on what we have always wanted to do but never had the time for. After all, once all of this is over, we are not sure if we could ever have this much time on our hands again.

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