May 23 2018 Afraid of job hunting in Japan? You are not alone

Hi, there. How is your job hunting going? Haven’t heard the good news yet? Hearing your friends already got job offers, watching these “successful job seekers” Facebook post celebrating themselves makes you feel jealous but at the same time make you feel insecure as well?

     Today, I would like to give you some useful ideas about how to win in this “job hunting” marathon for those of you who are exhausted, feel disappointed, and have lost confidence. 

1.You are not the only one.

      For some of you, living in Japan must be a dream  you dreamt of ever since you were a kid. Probably, imagining your happy life in Japan by watching Japanese TV shows, Anime and maybe reading manga. So, you managed to come to Japan! The very beginning of your journey in Japan was just amazing. Everyone is kind, all you can see is

 clean streets, amazing technology and culture… most of all you are living in one of the most famous countries in the world!

       A few years later, it is time to start to thinking about your future plans. By this time, a lot of people already decided to go back to their home countries but your choice is different from theirs. Now, you got an extra challenge for yourself that needs to be accomplished before you graduate; job hunting.  

From buying the ‘Shukatsu suits’ to preparing for the interview, everyday you have to focus and bring your A game. You started your job hunting with lofty idea of helping others with your specialized skills as an innovator or dreaming about buying your own house, new car and become “successful” person. But, things are not going as smoothly as you expected.

    Preparing different types of entry sheets for each company, web tests, group interviews, individual interviews, you succeeded to pass all these difficulties but the door closed right in front of you. From my own experience, it sucks. It made me feel that “I” am the one who might have the problem. I felt like a loser for a while. Sometimes, even before getting the interview, the door closed, then you need to move on to other options. When this happens again and again, you start to feel depression, anxiety and in the worst case, you eventually reach to “What am I doing here?” stage.

    Considering your major competitors are Japanese, overcoming the fear of “not being a native Japanese speaker” makes you even more frustrated. You are not the only one who feels lost in the darkness. Everyone, including you and even Japanese job seekers are stressed and insecure about job hunting process and their own future. So, please don’t think that you are not good enough for the company or you are a loser. Everyone is having his or her insecurities when it comes to job hunting. They just don’t show it. Focus on yourself. Yes, I know it is quite challenging but this is your life and you are doing job hunting for yourself. Even though your friends got job offers months before you? It Doesn’t matter. It is not a competition of “who gets job offer fastest”. What really matters here is, finding a job that suits your career goals, that make you feel better about yourself.

2. You’ve got all the answers.

      When I was a kid, I wanted to be a painter. Why? Because it’s cool! Now as a grown up, I know I can’t choose my career just because the job looks fancy. Once you start working, you will probably spend a half of your day at the office. That means choosing the right job for you will change your life. Then, here is a question you might ask me. “I am not sure what I am good at. How can I find the perfect job for me?”

     Here are some tips that might help you. First, Spend some time to get to know yourself. Prepare a paper then just jot down what you like and don’t like. This is the very first but the most important  step for you to choose the perfect job. You need to think carefully when “matching” your personality with the companies. For  instance, you are an introvert person and love writing, but you work for a recruiting company? That would be not only a torture for you but also a huge loss for the company as well. A lot of job seekers are skipping this important activity. It is a waste of your time and talent to start all over again job hunting right? It takes time to get to know about yourself, indeed.

    Also, ask people. Your friends, family and professors, it helps you to look at your problem from ta different perspective. Google is also your friend. Just explore what kinds of opportunities you can grab out there.

You need to know about your “drivers”. What do you care the most when you choosing job? Money? Fame? Contribution to society? Work life balance? Choose your job based on your priority. To sum up, job hunting is such a lonely, stressing and challenging task for everyone. But, you are not the only one here! If you know what you want, work hard to get what you want, then you will get the job offer. YOU are the one who chooses a company not vice versa. Good Luck!




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