Aug 23 2019 A Day in the Life of a Filipino AI Engineer

Are you feeling stressed out when it comes to thinking about your prospective career in Japan? Are you overwhelmed by the fast-paced ever changing field of Artificial Intelligence? Are you feeling anxious about the thought of joining a traditional Japanese company and working overtime like crazy?

Japan is changing, believe it or not, and we are moving forward! The country’s labor crunch is opening its doors to foreigners wider than ever. Companies are trying to become more innovative and global. With that being said, it’s one of the best time to be a computer engineer or have a background or expertise in the tech sector. Mostly because you are more likely to get hired regardless of your Japanese level.

We have invited one of our previously matched candidates Dr. Jimson Ngeo, who is currently a Senior AI Engineer at one of the most innovative tech solution startups in Japan, to give us an overview of how a typical day is like working at a Japanese tech startup.

This is what it looks like for a typical day at a tech solutions startup for Dr. Jimson Ngeo. He gave emphasis on the difference between handling projects nearing the deadline due to the fact that there is also a lot more of engagement involved with the project manager and handling client feedbacks and revisions.

For those who already have experience working as an AI Engineer or Data Analyst, you might be aware that customer demands are also changing along with the fast-paced field of technology. That is why engineers and developers also need to catch up with the new trends in AI.



  • Attend International Conferences
    There are always international tech conferences held in Japan sponsored by different companies, attended by notably speakers. New and innovative ideas, topics and discussions are brewed in these tech conferences. These are vital if you want to be updated on what’s new, especially with a subject like AI that still has a lot of potential for growth and new applications.
  • Optimize Google Scholar
    This is always a good tool to search and lookup dissertations, journals and other scholarly literature that can help you get updated with the latest models and algorithms. There are also a lot of ideas that might help you in your projects.
  • Attend or Teach in Seminars & Workshops
    If you want to strengthen a particular skill or level up using a specific coding language, framework or just want to be updated on what’s new, It’s always helpful to attend seminars & workshops. At the same time why not teach a new topic that you’ve been working on, after all teaching is still probably the best way to learn.
  • Attend University Open Campus and Interact with Professors
    There are a lot of good ideas and new case studies you can always find at University open campus, most especially visiting the Information Tech and Engineering department.
  • Watch, Listen and Read the Latest News
    Watching, listening and reading the news is always a good way to find out what’s new in tech. With the power of internet, information travels fast especially when it comes to innovation within the tech sector.
    If you work in a tech solutions company, you will be handling different types of data and designing, creating and testing out different applications for it. This is always a good way to keep up with the evolution of AI, by being a part of it. 


  • Never stop learning
    Applicable to almost all profession, you constantly have to keep improving your workstyle, your skills, your knowledge, and yourself!
  • Learn the Math, not just the platform
    It’s always an advantage when you not only fully understand the purpose and use of the platform, but can actually create the algorithms by yourself when you need to. Learning the Mathematics and the intuition behind different models can give you insights often missed out by others.
  • Engage in different projects
    Being immersed into different projects and contributing to them(on open source platforms) not only helps you improve the way think and code but it also widens your experience with certain topics.
  • Practice, practice & practice!
    Do not be afraid of failure! The faster you fail, the closer you get to success so you have to constantly put yourself out there and keep strengthening your skills. The more projects you do, the shorter and steeper the learning curve will be.

The competition is tight amidst the need for highly skilled tech experts and specialists in Japan. And there are still a big issue when it comes to language barriers and cultural gaps between Japanese and Foreigners but there is also a lot of opportunities whenever there is room for improvements. If you are are currently finishing your master’s or doctorate degree, and unsure whether you will be comfortable in a career in Japan, it’s always nice to hear an insider’s perspective whom experienced living and working here.

And if ever you are gearing up towards a career in AI or Machine Learning, now is the best time to be in Japan as opportunities are more than ever. This is also the time where Japan is constantly trying to improve and break free from the strict traditional work culture that overwhelm and scare most foreigners.

We thank Dr. Jimson Ngeo for sharing with us his insight and helpful tips about his career journey as an AI Engineer.

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