Jul 6 2018 8 IT engineer jobs that require no Japanese

 1.  Engineer for IT Start Up

Founded in 2017, it is a technology company whose platforms enrich the business processes for SMEs within the food industry adding ease and simplicity to otherwise laborious tasks. The company was founded by a visionary CEO who graduated from the University of Tokyo and started his career as an analyst at JP Morgan. 

Your jobAs a Web engineer, you will be responsible for implementing both front end and back end development. From requirement definition to involvement in service from growth to monetization.

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2. Test Automation Engineer for a Next Generation Autonomous drive Startup

Having created a number of autonomous vehicles, the company is planning to expand their knowledge of autonomous mobile technologies to other applications. Such as working to automate trolleys in warehouses, automate drones etc..

Your jobYou will be in charge of the development of the tools that test and verify the framework for the autonomous driving and mobile robots. One of your tasks is to put on the automation tests in order to reduce the cost of the releasing test.

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3. Python Engineer for Innovative Voice Recognition Startup

Nine years ago, a bioinformatics engineer at the University of Tokyo, decided to leave his academic pursuits in order to further his entrepreneurial interests. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has steadily grown and has made strides towards establishing itself as Japan’s leading voice recognition company.

Your job: As a Python Engineer, you will be tasked with enhancing the functions of the voice recognition/speech dialogue system by utilizing the existing software technology created by the R&D team. The main goal of your efforts being broadening the actual uses and applications of the technology for the company’s clients. Your role will entail greater exploitation of the company’s existing software and libraries to actively create solutions for their clients.

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4. Software Engineer for an Innovative Web Service Startup

The company develops a platform where engineers can sell and buy source codes in various programming languages.

By using this service you don’t have to be a code master who can develop all the functions you want because you can just buy necessary parts of codes for your development. 

Your job: You are expected to develop the corporate’s own web services, the source codes ‘buying and selling’ platform. The service is developed mainly with PHP and you will be adding new contents and functions to increase the quality and popularity of the service. The company aims to be the best codes platform in the world.

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5. iOS Engineer at Pioneering Company with 5 World Patents

Established in 2009, this company has been building a product that is scheduled to launch across the US, China, India, and Brazil. Bent on building their business with cutting-edge technology, this team of pioneers has already acquired 10 world patents and are hungry for more. 

Your job: Developing iOS Applications for new functions of existing applications. Responsible for general mobile app development of other derived products.

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6. Software Engineer for Innovation Design company

The company’s goal is to ‘design’ tailor-made solutions to problems anyone has yet to tackle. Since the company’s inception in 2009, it has expanded rapidly, even being acknowledged as one of the fastest growing startups in Japan in 2014.

Your job: You will work on various company’s new services ranging from Employee management system, Water saving monitoring and Task management system

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7. Server-side Engineer to connect Youtubers and Fans

The company was established in 2014, mainly by members who experienced advertising sales for many years at Google Inc.

Through the support of influencer marketing, the company aims to share generously the know-how of online marketing for the growth of all cmpanies around the world.

Your job: You develop the application that is a membership fan community where the activities of icons (celebrities) are raised together with them and the core fans.

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8. 3DCG Generalist for Interactive VR Development Company

After successfully founding a company in Silicon Valley the CEO decided to move back to Japan and start up a company specializing in VR. Started in 2016, the company has already acquired projects for major companies.

The company provides services for any industry and company that are looking to implement features in VR. From advertisement to personalized consulting and developing custom programs. The team is passionate about VR and want to bring in individuals with the same passion.

Your job: Leading a team of 3D designers as to the concept and final product of their VR programs. Your roles will work on the the modeling, animation and rigging of the characters. Your role will not only make you work on the programming design, but the whole strategy, concept and layout. You will be part of every step of the project to ensure the design fully realises the vision they have for the project.

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