Jul 6 2018 6 Machine Learning/AI jobs that require no Japanese

1. Image Processing/Machine Learning Engineer for Robotics Intelligence Company

This company specializes in 3D and robot vision, specifically in creating high-precision 3D measurement technology. With clients including companies like Toyota Motor Corporation, NEC Corporation, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Canon Inc etc the application and reputation of their products has led to the company winning accolades of praise and awards. 

Your Job: You will be responsible for software research development and product development of 3D robot vision sensor utilizing the world’s highest level of 3D image processing technology. Your tasks are the implementation of various algorithms, image processing, programming ability centered on C ++, board design/control, etc.

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2. AI Engineer for Customized AI Products / Platform

They are focusing on helping industrial machines as there is a strong demand for more efficient production and better safety and control of factories and machines. They have branched out to Vietnam and are looking to establish branches in other South-East Asian countries.

Your job: As part of the AI and deep learning team. You will be tasked to develop and utilize machine learning tools and algorithms to analyze data from specific equipment to better understand how to implement AI to these IoT devices that would benefit the customer. Having an understanding of their business processes and how they utilize the machines are key for you to develop something custom built for the client. Thus having a strong command of deep learning and analytical skills as well as development skills are a must. It is a very rewarding and unique experience with each project varying from all the rest.

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3. Machine Learning Engineer (Partner companies from Fortune 500)

With strategic partnerships with the fastest growing companies widely recognized as leading technology in Japan such as Microsoft Japan, Preferred Networks, NVIDIA, SCSK, they have a competitive edge in providing its clients with a unique a platform for deep learning and machine learning.

Your job: Based on AI technology especially deep learning, your main job is R&D and implementation to help client companies to solve their problem. You may meet with clients to discuss technology usage, give a proposal, and encourage demonstration experiment.

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4. AI Researcher for Company with Investment from NVIDIA

The company actually offers a platform that integrates AI, big data, deep learning and IoT. It has been a pioneer in the usage of these technologies for business purposes. It helps companies leverage from the large array of digital data for business decision making and activities. 

Your jobYou will be in charge of R&D for one of the world’s most advanced technologies. You will also conduct new research and development with technical advisors from universities and write articles targeting international academic societies.

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5. Robotics AI Engineer

The company seeks to bring together robotics and VR to unite the two innovative technologies into a unique concept that can change the way we do certain tasks. Backed by one of Japan’s giant corporations and secured partnerships with companies such as Nvidia

Your job: The company, located in Tokyo, Japan, is looking for a skilled AI engineer who has deep robotics background to work on a very exciting humanoid robot project 

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6. Engineer for Drone Deployed in Various Disaster Areas

The company’s pioneering CEO started his career at Hewlett-Packard (HP) as a software engineer. After leaving HP, with the vision of building an strong company in one of the most futuristics and promising industries, he spent some years to found this company.

Your job: Based on your skills and experience, you will be assigned to a project. In principle, the specific tasks varies from core programming to others depending on your skills and experiences, but at the moment the company is prioritizing candidates with AI-related skills. Some of the specific tasks you will be expected to perform are, for example, software development.

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