Oct 18 2019 3 Tips that work both in coding and in real life

We at Active Connector try our best to build a community that supports and help each other find and maintain a successful career in Japan, most especially in the Tech StartUp sector which has been more open and welcoming to Global Talents recently. As part of our mission to support global talents in Japan, we created a podcast inviting speakers to bring us our monthly dose of update in the tech career world and various career tips on how to constantly achieve personal and professional growth within your job.

Most of you might be familiar to our podcast session when we invited Code Chrysalis CTO and Co-Founder, Ms. Yan Fan. She gave us fantastic tips for our tech audience especially for beginner developers and software engineers. Some of which are also applicable in situations life throws at us everyday.

These are some of our favorites:


Learning and developing a skill is always a process. Whether it may be as technical as coding or not, it takes time to reach a certain level of expertise. But of course you wont reach that if you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone. And as Yan pointed out”UNCOMFORTABLE THINGS, UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS ARE UNAVOIDABLE. They happen in life “. So might as well accept that it happens and control what you do in that scenario.


Communication skills are as equally important as the technical skills developers and engineers posses. Handling feedback, as simple as it seems, is actually very difficult. The best way to go about it is by sticking to the facts and avoiding the use of exaggerations i.e. “I find this task REALLYYYY difficult.”. This tip works well applied outside work too. Taking the time to step out of your emotional state and discussing issues like giving or receiving feedback on the basis of fact avoids misunderstandings and miscommunications.


“What have you learned from it?” and “What can you do differently?”~The 2 important mantra you have to keep in mind whenever you encounter failures. Software Engineers and Developers are very familiar with these concepts whenever something goes wrong or fails in their code or their projects. It’s normal that they will at some point encounter something wrong or commit a coding mistake or error but the important and crucial part is in understanding why something did not work out in order to avoid it or to be able to come up with a better way of doing the task. This is very much applicable in life as well. After all, the only failure is inaction because through failing it just means that you planned and gained knowledge about the result of such plan.

Frustrations and challenges at work hone your ability to take responsibility and respond to certain situations. Character building is something that happens automatically in life whenever we go through certain phases and when faced with challenges. So keep in mind that even if we cannot control something from happening, whether it maybe inside or outside work, we can do our best in handling and controlling how we act and react to these sticky situations.

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