Jul 6 2018 2 Manager positions that require no Japanese

Mass Production Manager for Interactive VR and Robotics Company

Started by a few executives from major corporations, they seek to bring together robotics and VR to unite the two innovative technologies into a unique concept that can change the way we do certain tasks. As the company is moving into industrializing their robots and their VR Technology, they are seeking someone who has experience and expertise in developing the mass production protocols and strategies for smooth transitions into mass production.

Your Job: You develop the product, vision sensor for the industrial robots. The main road is to develop GUI and technology. You belong to the interface team and develop the interface which enables users to operate the products safely and speedy with high quality. If necessary, you plan and implement algorithms. Not only implement and test, but also you design the concept, data, and screen, cooperated with the other teams.

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Product Development Manager for Pioneering Recommendation Engine Global IT Company

With CEO from the USA, this is an IT recommendation engine service company. You might say it is just another company similar to others that are operating in the recommendation engine market. Actually, this company differentiates from the others in having to be one of the pioneers in the field and for its innovative approach. The combination of big data and AI that they use; which allows to better personalize the search/recommendation, focus on accuracy in the recommendation. Then, accuracy is the keyword for the company. It uses real-time information.

Your job: As a product development manager you are expected to manage the team and ensure the quality of the product. For doing so, you will be expected to have the below tasks; and your expected outcome will be making sure the team achieves the mission.

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