Aug 17 2020 World Breastfeeding Week: Thoughts from a (Remotely) Working Mom

Today, we would like to share a testimony from our HR consultant Saya Nagasawa. Saya is a recent addition to the Active Connector team and a new mom. In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Saya describes her experience working remotely with Active Connector as the mother of a nine-month-old daughter.

From Saya:

It’s been an exciting few weeks since I started my HR Consulting journey with Active Connector Inc., a recruiting company that specializes in connecting global talent with Japan’s most innovative companies.

Active Connector’s mission is to “Go Beyond Diversity,” something CEO Asami Matsumoto—mother of two—sets an example for every day: with all the employees working remotely, it’s not rare to see her holding her baby or breastfeeding during Zoom meetings. 

And as you can see in the picture, this has made me comfortable to do the same.

We also worked together to implement some additional time off and flexible working arrangements for an employee whose wife just delivered a baby. (Yes, fathers need time off too!).

In a good way, this is definitely not the type of working environment I expected to be in 10+ years ago when Asami and I started our careers at Goldman Sachs! I also must admit that before having kids, I had no idea about the efforts required for breastfeeding or pumping at work.

If your company does not have any policies around this: as an HR representative, as an employer, as a coworker, ask the expertsyour working motherson what you can do to make it easier for them.”

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Life as a working mother is undoubtedly challenging, and we are proud to have Saya’s seal of approval. Creating a mom-friendly work environment is just one way that we at Active Connector strive to live out our mission to “Go Beyond Diversity” every day. By acknowledging and empathizing with each other’s unique circumstances and backgrounds, we open the door to the wealth of positive change we can bring to the world around us.

To the working mothers of the world, thank you!


世界母乳喂养周: 一位远程工作母亲的想法


今天,我们要分享本司人力资源咨工作者長澤さや(Nagasawa Saya)的见证。初为人母的Saya最近加入了Active Connector。为了遵守世界母乳喂养周,Saya描述她在照顾九个月大的女儿的同时,还要兼负在Active Connector远程工作的经验。


自从我加入Active Connector开始了人力资源咨询工作以来,渡过了几个兴奋的星期。Active Connector是一家招聘公司,致力于将全球人才与日本最具创新力的公司联系起来。

Active Connector的使命是“Go Beyond Diversity (超越多样性)”,这是CEO松本麻美(两个孩子的母亲)日常树立的榜样:在员工们居家工作的情况下,麻美在Zoom会议中怀抱或哺乳婴儿的景象并不稀罕。





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全职工作的母亲生活相当挑战,我们非常欣慰得到了Saya的认同。营造一个对母亲方便工作的环境,这是我们Active Connector每一天都在努力实现“Go Beyond Diversity”的使命的一种设计。 通过理解与体谅每一个人的独特情况和背景,我们可以为我们的周遭开启积极改变的大门。


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