Jul 25 2019 Welcome to the team Paulyn!

Our Active Connector team grew a little bit bigger as Paulyn joins our marketing team.

Paulyn recently finished her master’s in Global Studies from Sophia University. With an impressive resume and genuine motivation letter, we decided to invite her for a face to face interview. Then and there when we heard her story we felt like she would fit in great with our company culture.

Whenever we welcome a new member of our company we always bear in mind that we are not only after the skills and expertise of a person, although of course we give importance to it, but equally important we take into serious consideration the motivation and drive of a person most especially if he/she shares our mission, vision or values in one way or another.

She officially started this week and we took her to an Italian restaurant for lunch to get to know her better. We wanted her to meet and get to know people across all departments.
Our CHO(Chief Happiness Officers) for the month of July, Blake Foster and Yoshiki Yamada, thought of something to make her feel more welcomed. They decided to give her a Starbucks planner with a little message of welcome and encouragement from each member of the team.

We look forward to your creativity and active participation in helping more global talents like yourself find their IKIGAI in Japan!


Welcome To Active Connector!


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