Jun 25 2019 We were the Communication Partner of the Career Discussion Forum: “What’s it like to work in Japan? Real Voices from Japanese Companies”

Last Saturday, June 22nd Leave a Nest organized a Career Discovery Forum Panel Discussion Session: “What is it like to work in Japan? Real voices from Japanese companies.” which aims to bring together international students and Japanese companies. Active Connector was invited to be the communication partner of the event. Our very own AC consultant Blake Foster was the moderator of the panel discussion.

There were four Japanese companies presenting at Panel Discussion with the theme of “What it is like to work in Japan?”.  The topic revolves around the pressing issues of helping international students find a promising career after their studies in Japan. Japan has been very successful in encouraging foreigners to enroll and study at their prestigious universities. The problem comes after the student graduates, there isn’t enough support to help them get a proper job and jumpstart their careers in Japan considering the language barrier and the lack of knowledge of the companies that are willing to hire such talents. The discussion also gives voices to some Japanese companies present that day such as Hamano products, Japan Tobacco Inc. and many more,  and let them explain their take on these issues.

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Besides the actual panel discussion, invited Japanese companies were given the opportunity to set up booths to be able to talk more about what their company is all about and what they have in store for the international students present at the event. This was a great opportunity for the students as well because they are introduced to these forward thinking companies which would be hard to do on their own. They were encouraged to ask as many questions and get as much information they can that could be beneficial for their future employment and job hunt here in Japan.

This event was a great effort to start bridging the gap between these young professionals who are looking for a career in Japan and the innovative Japanese companies who face difficulties in finding international talents to hire.
Overall, it was a great experience and we at Active Connector are excited and hopeful that there are more events like this to finally close the gap between passionate international professionals and fully open Japan to the world and become a more global society that thrives in diversity and innovation.

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