May 30 2019 We started our own webinar series!

Here at Active Connector we are constantly thinking of better ways to disseminate important information and updates that could help foreigners to find a career they are passionate about in Japan. Our team decided to formally launch an informative webinar series with topics concerning careers, companies, work culture, and trends in Japan.

The webinar series aims to provide you the following:

1.) You will receive screened and quality information, insights, and tips about topics related to working in Japan.

This webinar series aims to spread important information regarding topics, issues, and discussions about careers, companies, corporate culture, work environment, etc… that foreigners should be aware of in Japan. There are a lot of information available online and other sources when it comes to getting a job in Japan, but coming from our expertise and experience in human capital and recruitment focusing on foreigners we understand the struggle and frustrations you might be facing. The content of the series targets students, beginner to mid career professionals, or those foreigners who are interested to start their careers in Japan. We also specialize in dealing with Japanese tech startups and giving insights when it comes to candidates interested to join that industry.

2.)You can voice out your concerns/issues related to each webinar topic that other viewers might share through our interactive webinar sessions.

More than spreading information, we would like to take this opportunity to use this platform to engage with people, especially for other foreigners located within Japan but outside of Tokyo, who could really use our help. We aim to encourage professional talents to be more active in looking for opportunities aligned with what they are passionate about while taking into consideration the type of company they aim to work for. We also strongly believe in the possibility of career growth for foreigners in Japan as long as they keep in mind important factors that directly or indirectly affects the circumstances. This webinar series also allows us to answer any inquiries or personal concerns people might have regarding the subject matter each episode discusses.

3.) You will receive relevant job alerts matching your profile upon registration. (OPTIONAL!)

For those who are interested, it is possible for registrants to receive relevant job openings that match their profile. This is a great opportunity especially for those people who are actively looking for a new job or casually looking for a better one that matches their preferences and interests.

If you are currently in Japan or planning to move to Japan and want to know more information about jump-starting your career, switching careers or anything career-related in Japan then these webinar series is for you.

Click PLAY below to watch Episode 1: “A Foreigner’s Guide to Job Hunting in Japan”


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