Sep 20 2019 We participated in the NanoDTC Networking event!

Active Connector got invited by Mr. Tomy Kamada to participate and set up a booth for the NanoDTC Networking event last night, September 19th.

Cambridge University’s NanoDTC program focuses on interdisciplinary research based between physics, material science, chemistry, biology and engineering. The program also puts a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, and research application with possible tie-ups with startups.

Last night’s event at Inspired.Lab gave 20 PhD students who were undergoing the NanoDTC program the opportunity to present the researches and experiments that they have been working on to Japanese VCs, StartUps and attendees who are interested about NanoScience and NanoTechnology in general.

It was indeed a very interesting experience to be exposed and be updated about the amazing researches and technology being developed by the amazing students of Cambridge University’s NanoDTC program.

Active Connector was glad to take part and be able to spread information about Japan’s current trends when it comes to StartUps, job hunting, and career prospects for the students if ever they want to pursue their careers here and creating, sustaining and promoting global teams for the VCs and StartUps who attended the event.

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