Apr 16 2019 We are selected by E&Y Accelerator program!

We are happy to announce that we have been selected as E&Y Accelerator program!

E&Y Japan is actively supporting female entrepreneurship. As a part of their activities, they have launched new E&Y female entrepreneur accelerator programs.

Active Connector’s CEO, Asami Matsumoto was selected as one of the 10 promising female startup entrepreneurs. It is a four months program, in which selected entrepreneurs/startups will be provided with mentorship along with several lecture sessions from successful fellow entrepreneurs and VCs.
Our CEO was matched with 3 mentors of which, two of them have established their companies and grew their company to the level that Active Connector wished to become in the future. One of the mentors for Active Connector is VC.

We are forever thankful for all the support we have been given since the launch of our company.
When our CEO, Asami started Active Connector, she did not have anything in the beginning.
She had a passion to connect foreign students in Japan with Japanese companies; while not letting her vision of helping people realize their potential and the respect for people’s uniqueness be compromised.
However, other than the passion and the vision, she had nothing: she has never worked in the recruitment industry, she never had the experience of sales (she worked in JICA and NPO, and operation division in Godman Sachs), she never studied about business (she had a Master’s degree on Education) etc…
Had we not have any support from others, either in formal manner or informal manner, Active Connector would not have come to this stage.

As we approach our 6th year anniversary soon, we are working on restructuring our system as well as re-setting our ambitious goals.
We would like to make the most out of this E&Y Accelerator Programs that we are fortunately selected.
We hope that through being a part of this Accelerator Program, we are able to provide more “IKIGAI” to people who are in the process of pursuing their passion and speciality in Japan.


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