Aug 23 2017 Shamsul Nasir, Consultant

Name: Shamsul Nasir
Position: Consultant
Brief Background

With a background in business and education, Shamsul had built a career in Japan over the course of 5yrs and felt compelled to help other foreigners who are new to Japan settle in. By chance, he came cross Active Connector and has since been able to support people with international backgrounds find meaningful work in Japan. With a myriad of hidden talents, from professional hairdressing to competitive bodybuilding or building computers from scratch to recommending the best films of all time – Shamsul‘s always had a knack for connecting with people. Part of this is why he’s our chief events coordinator. Alongside supporting members secure meaningful work in Japan he also understands the importance of community and works to build events to help promote professional growth for members of Active Connector.

Comment from Shamsul

Whether you’re interested in the latest trends in tech or certain sectors of business, it’s incredible to see the opportunities in Japan and the companies that are open and eager to welcome people who are motivated to contribute their skills and talent. Having experienced job-hunting in Japan before and seeing the work at Active Connector, everyone has their own expertise and skills to bring to the table, but it’s your attitude that makes the difference! Stay positive, we’re here to help wherever we can!

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