Dec 4 2019 Our CEO was invited to speak at Rikkyo University's "Women Entrepreneurship in Japan" Event

On November 22, 2019, Active Connector’s CEO and Founder, Asami Matsumoto, participated in the “Women Entrepreneurship in Japan” event held at Rikkyo University.

This event was organized by the Student Committee of the Department of International Management (MIB) of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Rikkyo University and the Department of International Management and was attended by foreign students from various countries.

The aim of the event was to encourage students to think about the path to entrepreneurship and make smart decisions about their careers, not just in Japan, but also in their home countries and abroad. And together with the founder of Startup Lady, Dr. Suzuki, and the CEO of Kanatta, Ms. Iguchi, Asami-san spoke about promoting women’s active participation in industries where women often feel unwelcome.

Aside from that, Asami-san gave a presentation about what it means to start a business as a woman and to run a company here in Japan. She shared her experience of managing Active Connector when she gave birth to her first child in 2017 and her experience until now when she’s raising a 2-year-old child. At the same time she is currently experiencing a female-specific life event: her second pregnancy, wherein she’s almost due to give birth. She talked about how she was able to balance her job as a CEO and as a mother. She also explained how she was able to utilize such life events in company management.

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