Jul 23 2019 PR & BRANDING WORKSHOP w/ Mr. Eiji Yamada

We invited Creative Director Mr. Eiji Yamada for a PR & Branding workshop last Friday. Our goal was to check and make sure that each and every member of our team is going in the same direction as the company’s MISSION, VISION AND VALUES.

According to Mr. Eiji Yamada the most important part of branding in every company comes in 3 parts.

1.) Positioning

Positioning is all about how the consumer perceives your company’s products and services compared to your competitors.

There is a strategy called “Red Ocean VS Blue Ocean” when companies choose to compete in existing markets. The goal here is to beat the competition and create better ways to supply existing demand in a better strategy. The Blue Ocean on the other hand is focusing on a new market or creating your own market where in competition is irrelevant. This is when companies creates and captures a new demand.


2.) Story Making


Story making is deeply connected with how the company and brand is founded. It is usually connected to a personal experiences and encounters of the founder and relates it to how the business was conceptualized and thought of.


3.) Design (Output)

The Design is not limited to the overall aesthetics but the combination of a brand’s positioning and story making into an output.

The workshop incorporates how we view these 3 aspects and how we apply it to capture our target candidates.

Let’s see how AC team did with the workshop!

The team was divided into 3 groups and were tasked to visualize their current and target candidates. It was pretty exciting to see the team put in effort to be creative in not only describing their ideal candidates but into drawing them as well to help with the visualization.

Each one had to create a personalized Active Connector pitch to attract these ideal candidates.
Within the 3 groups partners are formed to do a role playing activity. Each member will take turns portraying the described ideal candidate and an Active Connector representative.

The exercise helped in adjusting everyone’s pitches when their partners portray the ideal candidates they described and started asking questions about Active Connector.

Based on the results of the activity the team was tasked to return to their original groups and collaborate with one another in describing Active Connector’s brand in one phrase or sentence.

The results of the 3 groups went really well. As everyone started sharing their group’s pitch, the contents and ideas are very similar with one another with the exception of their witty wordings. It’s really good to find out that everyone shares the same vision with one another while trying to maintain their creativity and originality in how they share it.

This really was a good experience for the team so thank you very much Mr. Yamada!

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