Jun 4 2019 Part 4/4 A closer look at Active Connector’s Team of Consultants: Blake Foster

Four different people with different stories to tell but coming together with one thing in mind: working together to support fellow foreigners find and achieve a successful career in Japan in inline with their passion. This is what Active Connector’s Consultant team is all about.

Hailing from different parts of the world, they all know how difficult it is to uproot your life and move to a different country and establish your life and career there.

We had a heart-to-heart interview with the team about what the career consultant is all about and what each member brings to the table.

Blake Foster: The Communicator

In every human relationship or bond, communication is deemed very important. Sometimes people confuse communicating with talking. Talking by itself is very different from communicating. Verbal or nonverbal communication involves sharing or exchanging information. An effective communication takes place whenever both parties takes the time to understand what each other are really trying to say and put in effort in engaging ideas or thoughts they want to relay.  This is one of the most crucial factors to keep in check in every team or department.

Blake Foster who was originally from The United States of America, came to Japan to study for his masters. After living here for 4 years and falling in love with the culture and the country, he has decided to continue his journey working for Active Connector in Tokyo, Japan. Besides his very articulate skills in talking both in English and Japanese, he is very good in connecting with people. His patience and genuine concern in getting to know people and knowing how to engage and socialize with different personalities is a contributing factor especially in the line of job we do here at Active Connector. One of his many good qualities is his proactiveness and courage to speak up about issues, concerns, and most especially innovative ideas. He understands that effective communication lies not only in the construction of your sentences but also the way you deliver and execute your message.

He has only been with Active Connector for over 2 months but the AC consultants team already feels like he has been a part of their team from the beginning. He is very good in socializing not only with his colleagues but as well as with the people he helps. Last month alone he was able to provide 66 recommendations to help job seekers optimize opportunities available through us.
His excellent communication skills really makes him a natural in this field.

Let’s take a look at his interview!

Question: What makes the CC(Career Consultants) team work?
Blake Foster: “Sharing insights and experiences within the team really helps with the overall effectiveness of our department. Even the reassurance helps a lot, especially since I am new and it’s always helpful to know that you are on the right track.”

The most difficult part in joining a team is always the beginning. You have to catch up with your individual target and learn processes and operations quickly. Having a very supportive work environment makes everything easier.

Question: How do you describe your ability to work as a team member?
Blake Foster: “Efficient-I value proper distribution of workload and I like putting in effort for the overall efficiency and productivity of the team”

As the newest member of the group, he doesn’t shy away from responsibilities and likes to take ownership for his work. That’s something very important to every team member. Indeed, there is no failure except inaction here at Active Connector.

Question: What do you do to help boost the morale of the team?
Blake Foster: “I believe in engaging conversations to lessen the stress and build a stronger relationship with other members.”

Knowing your teammates well and helping lighten the mood in the office makes the atmosphere much more pleasant to work in. Happy people are usually the most productive ones.

Question: What is your greatest achievement as a team?(Rewarding team experience)
Blake Foster: “As a newcomer in the group, I’m really happy and proud with how each one in the team actively makes sure that I reach my potential and is very patient with my learning curve pace.”

We all know that everyone learns and works at their own pace and style. It’s inspiring to see that the consultants at Active Connector promotes and celebrates originality may it be from the way they look, talk, or their style of working as long as they all work towards the same goal and shared principles.

Question: Paint me a picture of what SUCCESS means to you?
Blake Foster: “Simple-Connecting people to their dreams. I know how difficult and discouraging the world may sometimes be, so when you finally find someone who listens and tries to understand your dream and ultimately helps you reach it, the feeling is priceless. Especially if you are the one who helped that person”

We at Active Connector always talk about “Do what you love, Love what you do” and we do not only mean this for ourselves but we genuinely want the people who come to us to be able to live this philosophy as well. We take pride into carefully curating positions that candidates are interested and motivated to apply for and of course making sure that they also carry the necessary skill sets and ability the position requires.

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We will also be having our next webinar session on June 12, 2019 with one of our Active Connector consultants.
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