May 24 2019 Part 3/4 A closer look at Active Connector’s Team of Consultants: Sacha De Wilde

Four different people with different stories to tell but coming together with one thing in mind: working together to support fellow foreigners find and achieve a successful career in Japan in inline with their passion. This is what Active Connector’s Consultant team is all about.

Hailing from different parts of the world, they all know how difficult it is to uproot your life and move to a different country and establish your life and career there.

We had a heart-to-heart interview with the team about what the career consultant is all about and what each member brings to the table.

Sacha De Wilde: The Strong Silent Type

It’s probably not common to refer to someone within the team as the strong silent type. This is more commonly used for heroins in TV shows and movies but trust us when we tell you that there is nothing more fitting to describe Sacha De Wilde as one.

The diversity of the personalities within the Active Connector consultant team plays an important role with how effective the team works. As the strong silent type in the group, every time during a team discussion, you can typically see Sacha listening intently and taking it all in. You’d think he is a great listener but it doesn’t end there. After all the discussions and the back and forths of ideas, whenever he finally talks he comes up with scalable solutions carefully constructed to target the core issue of the subject matter. It’s great whenever someone comes up with a lot of ideas but it’s even better when the ideas are so carefully thought out until its implementation and execution.

His High ego strength paired with his silent and calm aspects makes any team members he works with more motivated with anything they are working on. His silent confidence in his ability to deal with challenges and come up with solutions are truly admirable. You will never hear him complain no matter the difficulty of the challenge thrown at him. Given that he isn’t necessarily the talkative type, his opinions are highly valued by other team members.

For someone whose background is in psychology and applied linguistics, and as someone who is currently taking up data science, he doesn’t have any difficulties when it comes to interviewing and having technical discussions between international talents who are looking for a career in the tech industry in Japan.

Let’s take a look at his interview!

Question: What makes the CC(Career Consultants) team work?
Sacha De Wilde: “The strength lies within the group’s teamwork. Each member contributes in putting in ideas and even share resources with one another.”

The beauty of having this type of team mindset is that although they are competitive enough to fuel their individual drive, they know that having each other’s back not only affects the morale of the team but also their overall performance and sense of accountability.

Question: How do you describe your ability to work as a team member?
Sacha De Wilde: “As a member of the team, I like improving myself and learning new things and skills that I could later share with the team.”

Sacha’s modesty and humility doesn’t do him justice but his workmates describes him as someone whose presence is calming but his ideas for improvement definitely makes a huge impact and can’t go unnoticed.

Question: What was your most memorable experience with helping someone find a job?
Sacha De Wilde: “Nothing beats the rush of matching students to their dream companies. I specifically remember someone I helped get a job who was a student. He ended up having 3 offers from us with different consultants in charge of each company offering him a job. We never pushed him for a specific company instead we discussed his options extensively and where he wants to see his career and to which company he will thrive best at.”

Question: What is your greatest achievement as a team?(Rewarding team experience)
Sacha De Wilde: “As a team, being able to successfully come up with action plans to resolve any pending, recurring or future issues counts as an achievement for me. How the team handles decision making and putting the candidate’s best interest above anything else makes me truly proud.”

We all know that issues and problems either externally or internally cannot be fully avoided. But coming up with effective ways and solutions for these definitely is the embodiment of one of Active Connector’s values- Embrace the unknown.

Question: Paint me a picture of what SUCCESS means to you?
Sacha De Wilde: “Getting positive feedback from the people we helped no matter how small or big the service was is what I consider success in what we do.”

Question: What sets Active Connector apart from other recruitment agencies?

Sacha De Wilde: “ I believe we try to have  having quality interactions which leads to quality matches. And I like the concept of enjoying what I do and coming to the company, I laugh everyday.”

It’s not just the company and what their jobs are all about but it’s also about the people that the company is composed of. Each characters and their unique personality is really what makes Active Connector different from other recruitment companies.

We at Active Connector always talk about “Do what you love, Love what you do” and we do not only mean this for ourselves but we genuinely want the people who come to us to be able to live this philosophy as well. We take pride into carefully curating positions that candidates are interested and motivated to apply for and of course making sure that they also carry the necessary skillsets and ability the position requires.

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