May 17 2019 Part 2/4 A closer look at Active Connector's Team of Consultants: Fernandes Nyowani

Four different people with different stories to tell but coming together with one thing in mind: working together to support fellow foreigners find and achieve a successful career in Japan in inline with their passion. This is what Active Connector’s Consultant team is all about.

Hailing from different parts of the world, they all know how difficult it is to uproot your life and move to a different country and establish your life and career there.

We had a heart-to-heart interview with the team about what the career consultant is all about and what each member brings to the table.


Fernandes Nyowani: The Maven Influencer

In every team there is always that one guy who is very convincing and tends to turn the NOs into YESes. At Active Connector our guy is definitely Fernandes Nyowani. With his charisma and approachable aura his influence doesn’t stop with the candidates that he interacts with, he is also very effective within his team. He is one of the go-to person whenever members need advice and his opinion weights a lot for the team members.

His teaching and sales background has always highlighted his strength in communication. The team admires how good he is with building connections and rapport with both candidates and workmates. After all, building relationships is a job in itself as well. And as a foreigner who has built a life in Japan, he can easily relate and get along with people who share the same sentiments in terms of their motivation to stay in the wonderful land of the rising sun.

This tech savvy guy never tire to bring new ideas to the table. With his continuous strive for self improvement and drive to be constantly in the loop, he presents game changing ideas within the team and easily gets them on board.

Let’s take a look at his interview!

Question: What makes the CC(Career Consultants) team work?

Fernandes Nyowani: “As a team, each of us genuinely care about helping people. We make sure that we fully understand what the clients need and what the candidates want. ”

It truly shows that having the same motivation and drive behind your job is an effective factor that creates a good and efficient team. Exactly what one of Active Connector’s values promote-Do what you love, Love what you do.

Question: How do you describe your ability to work as a team member?

Fernandes Nyowani: “ I consider myself as a communicator. I draw my strength and experience from the interaction I have encountered with candidates and working with the team. My personal goal is to keep being me, no facades.”

The team highly values his natural ability to relate to people and compassion when it comes to listening to a person’s story. His efforts to stay true to himself, encourages other team members to promote their own originality and feel comfortable in embracing each member’s strengths.

Question: What is your greatest achievement as a team?(Rewarding team experience)
Fernandes Nyowani: 
“Working at the early stages of Active Connector together with Sebastian is one of my proudest moments. We were able to help a lot of people who were looking for a job. The workload at that time was very challenging but we were able to come through without sacrificing the quality of our services. I am very proud of that.”

Question: What was your most memorable experience with helping someone find a job?

Fernandes Nyowani: “One of my most memorable experience was when I helped a guy get a job at a renewable energy company. The odds were against him because the position requires a high Japanese business level and experience in business development which he lacked in both aspects. He was passionate about renewable energy, so I was able to work through it together with the account manager and convince the company to take a chance on him.”

Truly inspiring pattern with the team is that they get energized and more motivated when overcoming challenging situations and bringing hope to candidates with similar case. Of course it doesn’t always turn out like this but their individual efforts constantly inspire one another and even the candidates.

Question: Paint me a picture of what SUCCESS means to you?

Fernandes Nyowani: “My definition of success is very simple-As long as the candidates are happy, I feel that I have succeeded in doing my part. One form or another, it doesn’t always have to be because I got them the job (although of course this part feels great too) but it could be the small things I do for them like resume improvement, giving out advice, and even just having a great discussion about their career options and opportunities.”

Question: What sets Active Connector apart from other recruitment agencies?

Fernandes Nyowani: “What sets Active Connector apart from other recruitment agencies is their goal to support foreigners in Japan. It’s not just salary driven but it’s more of a shared values driven team. Of course making profit is part of it but the time and dedication everyone puts into carefully understanding and assessing what people need and want in their careers is definitely what sets us apart.”

Stay tuned for the continuation of this interview series and meet another one of Active Connector’s consultants.

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