Nov 24 2017 Our team is growing! Essential desk space

When I founded this company in 2013, we were operating out of an apartment and had very few team members. We were all able to fit in the small apartment and I purchased a dining table as our office desks. The table is able to extend longer but was not needed in the small apartment and with a small team.
There was a time when I was working alone and it was scary, but now with the team here, I feel at ease.

Now with a growing team, we have extended the tables and purchased another to fit the growing team. With the extension feature, we were able to fit the whole team in the 2 tables.

Here’s a look at the tables, full of members and the team working together!

The table where the Consultants work together! You can hear English mainly on this table

With this type of layout and the use of a large dining table. Though the team have their own go-to spot, they are free to roam to different tables and work.

This is the Account Manager table, always full!

This adds variety to the menial everyday tasks and allows for the team to really connect with each other.

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