Nov 8 2017 Our own way of working

Our team has people from all over, each with their own unique personality and preferences. Before writing this article, I didn’t notice all the varying tendencies of our staff, but this creates a rich and unique environment to work in. Today, we will look deeper into the things that make each of our team unique but also mesh well together!

Though we have our desks, anywhere in the office is a workspace

Though there are some allocated areas, designated to be the general workspace. Many of our team have found their own favourite spot around the office where they choose to work. Apart from the main office space, we have 2 glass-enclosed meeting rooms and interview booth spaces. Each room is used by our team members. Though we have purchased very comfortable ergonomic chairs for our main office, the team sometimes choose the cheaper option in other areas of the office.


On many occasions, the male team members opt to work together in the meeting room. The room is much smaller but they enjoy working together in that space. While the women like the larger space in our office where it is quiet and comfortable. With the option of using the ergonomic chairs or even the sofa.


Then we have the interview booths. This is enclosed with slight soundproof walls. The narrow booths allow for those to isolate themselves from the busy main office. This is specifically useful for those who want to focus and not have any distractions. The room is well insulated which is great for those who couldn’t withstand the heat from the summer.

Sandals also OK, everything is OK

Work can be stressful and you might be busy. Having extra rules on how to dress is only going to add to that. We think whether you are wearing a nice suit or comfortable attire, your productivity is not going to change. So wear what you want and feel comfortable to come into work! As it is Summer and the heat is unbearable, wearing sandals is the way to go!



Some enjoy wearing a nice suit, some like to wear casual. They all look good with their own styles. As long as this maximises their performances then there is no problem what they wear!

Starbucks is a 1-minute walk, NATURAL LAWSON within walking range

With our office recently relocated to a larger office space, we are now closer to Starbucks. This has made Starbucks our go-to place for coffee. When one person brings Starbucks to the office, everyone decides to get one for themselves. It has become part of some of the team’s daily routine. There is a natural Lawson within walking distance, a health-conscious choice if you are looking to take care of your well-being.


As I noticed everyone’s love for coffee. We decided to bring coffee to the office and have the team use our Nespresso machine. With a large variety to choose from, hopefully, they have what everyone likes!

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