Dec 17 2020 Our CEO lectured at the University of Kumamoto, Program for Leading Graduate Schools "Glocal Healthy Living Pioneer Training Program HIGO"

On October 29, 2020, CEO/Founder Matsumoto, lectured at the University of Kumamoto, Program for Leading Graduate Schools “Glocal Healthy Living Pioneer Training Program HIGO”.
The HIGO program aims to nurture a diverse range of human resources with currently a few dozen several students, including foreign exchange students from Asia, studying in this program. The program has been selected as a leading program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and is contributing to training leaders in various business, educational and academic institutions in the field of health and life sciences in Kyushu and Asia.
CEO Matsumoto gave a lecture on “Working in a Global Team: Life Missions Envisaged Through UN, JICA, NGOs, Private Sector Companies, and Startups” to invite students to start thinking about their careers.
Matsumoto shared her experience of working with global members in various places, as well as the importance of international understanding that she has seen in the workplace where she supported many foreign engineers at Japanese startups and ventures, and lastly, about choosing a career.


After the lecture, the students actively asked questions about choosing a career and how to start a business.



We received the following comments from the students who attended the lecture about their learnings:


“I felt that to work in a global team, it is important to understand each other’s ideas and to build a bridge of trust and curiosity.”


“I learned a lot from today’s lecturer, who has extensive experience in this field. I felt that the experience of prioritizing what she wanted to do and daring to try is very respectable and I think these are many points that I can learn from.
Also, I could empathize with the philosophy of the entrepreneurial company, which is not performance-based, but one that prioritizes happiness and the results will follow. We were told that when working with foreign nationals, some differences will be felt between them, but I would like to practice the idea of approaching them with genuine interest, rather than denying them by their values.”


With a mission to “Go Beyond Diversity,” Active Connector is a place of diversity with half of our members being foreign nationals, English being the official language, and comprising those who are raising children as well as Gen Z.
We are working every day to understand each other’s culture through trial and error. Working in a global team is not always a pretty story, but it is a great feeling when each of us maximizes our individuality and generates ideas that we could never have thought of individually, or when we solve difficult problems together.
It would be our greatest pleasure if we can contribute to the students of the HIGO program who will actively work towards their own success in the global teams that they will be a part of in the future.

Parts of Matsumoto’s speech are shared via SlideShare from here.


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