Sep 20 2019 Oh Baby!


We are so happy to announce that our CEO and Founder, Asami Matsumoto, is having her second baby and it’s a GIRL!
We are so excited for her and we decided to throw a surprise baby shower to show our support to our BOSS MAMA!

The Chief Happiness Officers for the month, Kiko and Nichole, filled the office with cute pink decorations. We bought delicious pastries and iced teas to go with the cute theme. Baby shower is something new for our Japanese workmates since this is a very western tradition but to show our support we came up with the idea of throwing this and getting Asami-San a baby book with personal messages from the team.

Due to the recent Typhoon Faxai, the book arrived late so we came up with the idea of presenting our heartfelt message one by one to Asami-San.

In Japan, there are still so much room for improvement especially when it comes to a better corporate culture and the status of women and their career progression. Starting a family, pregnancy, and life events like these should be celebrated and not seen as a burden when it comes to pursuing a career or negative factor for a promotion.
That is why we proudly celebrate this event and wish Asami-San a safe and happy delivery!

Having diversity in the workplace is not an end goal for us, it is only the beginning.

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