Nov 6 2017 Nichole Syjueco, Marketing Officer

Name: Nichole Syjueco
Position: Marketing Officer (English)
Nationality: Filipino

Brief Background: Originally from the Philippines, Nichole came to Japan to study the Japanese language for a year and started her journey towards establishing her career in Japan. Like a lot of foreigners who weren’t fluent with the language, she struggled to find a job that matched her background, experience, and expertise. Since joining Active Connector as a marketing officer, she has wanted to use it as a platform to help fellow foreign talents and professionals find a career wherein their skills and potentials are optimized while making sure that they achieve a sense of fulfillment within their roles.

Hobbies: Travelling

Comments from Nichole:

Hello everyone! My advice to jobseekers is that experience comes from a lot of trial and error. You will never gain them if you are always avoiding risks.



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