Aug 26 2019 A different type of postpartum. We will definitely miss our CHO!

Today marks the last day of a special member of Active Connector’s team in the office, Yugo Kun. He has been our source of energy and smile over the last 2 years since he has joined our team as our CHO or Chief Happiness Officer.

Parents usually say that having a child changes lives. In Yugo’s case, he changed more than his mommy and daddy’s lives when he was born. He changed how we work at Active Connector.

Our CEO and Founder, Asami Matsumoto, saw her childbirth as a good opportunity to prove that the term “innovation” in the workplace goes beyond using high technology gadgets but it can also be a mindset.

One of the leading problems in Japan is the failure to retain and support women in their respective careers, especially once they decided to get pregnant and raise a child. It becomes difficult for them to come back to work due to the lack of flexibility and support from the management. That is why Asami-san took it upon herself to show other Japanese companies that it is possible to continue your career and be productive by having a supportive environment with enough flexibility.

Yugo kun has his own “office”, a special baby room where he has a safe space to rest, recharge, and enjoy being our boss baby!
(There used to be a crib when he was a baby, but he had an upgrade to keep up with his “busy” and fun schedule of playing and napping.)

It was of course challenging since this is something new in our company. Imagine having a baby room in the office?! This is definitely not your traditional office set up. But then again, we were never fully convinced with the old traditional office culture in Japan.

CHIEF HAPPINESS OFFICER, a name fitting to Yugo kun who brings smiles to our workspace. Work in general can be very stressful and sometimes unavoidable. Yugo kun definitely gives us a little bit of extra energy throughout the day.
(Look at that cute sly smile, we will definitely miss that!)

Today, Yugo came in the office with a little paper bag and started handing out small gifts, yummy yokan, to everyone as he bid his goodbyes. Yugo will be regularly attending Hokien, Japanese day care center.

We will surely miss his cute and energetic presence in our office.

Thank you Yugo kun for teaching us patience and planting smiles to our faces!

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