Aug 20 2017 Masaru Asahi, Account Manager

Name: Masaru Asahi
Position: Account Manager
Nationality/Cultural background: Japanese
Studied in the US before coming back to Japan to begin his career. Briefly started his own business and worked as a consultant before finding himself as a member of Active Connector. A big man with a bigger vision and ambition to help those around him, Masaru has found a great place here, helping students and companies.

Comments from Masaru:

I know first hand how hard shukatsu (traditional job-hunting system) in Japan can be. That said, I believe there are alternative pathways that allow people to pursue work they are passionate about. In a way, I am a testament to this. After watching Active Connector on national TV highlighting the mission and vision, I called the company to express my interest and landed the job. In many ways, job-hunting in Japan is changing for the better. Through Active Connector, I hope to further promote alternative ways for students and professionals to access opportunities in Japan.

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