Jul 19 2014 Lecture at Rikkyo University

CEO of Active Connector, Asami Matsumoto, gave a lecture at Rikkyo University at the class of GL201 (Global Leadership Program). The class aims to inspire the young students to become future global leaders. Its advanced classes are taught all in English.

The class is designed for the purpose of providing students leadership skills that can be practiced in the global field.

Asami shared her stories of what has been driving her to come to this point which she decided to launch a start up with the current co-founder. Asami shared three points that she thought that she always has been keeping in her mind: explore unknown world, keep believing and cherish many encounters.

Asami said that her life has been full of unplanned events and she could not have imagined to be running the company. But she said that all her experiences including her internship at UNICEF, working for NGO in Pakistan, being in the investment bank operation team, and all kinds of encounters with many people did shape who she is and what she does right now.

After her talk, the students asked several questions specifically about Asami’s certain life event, or her ideas on higher education in Japan, Active Connector business etc…. Asami said ‘It was very rewarding experience for me to interact with such passionate students. I am far from achieving my goal or considering myself as a global leader yet, but at least I have been always aiming towards that goal. I hope that my messages can be something of the learning for the students and they can remember whenever they face some challenges.’

We, Active Connector, are striving hard to be the bridge between international students/young professionals and Japanese companies aspiring to be global. We hope that we can be the global leader in bringing positive change to Japanese society and can achieve our mission.

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