Nov 24 2017 Introducing our new Intern - CC, our in-house artist!

We would like to welcome our new intern to our consultant team! Hailing from the province famous for their spicy cuisine. Xichen Xu-chan was born and raised in Sichuan Province in China. In the office, she goes by the nickname, CC.

CC-chan mainly focuses on our marketing activities. Her attention to aesthetics and ability to create great and useful posts adds the factor we were missing in our marketing department. Always looking fashionable in the office, with her trendy outfits and hairstyles. She brings a different and vibrant dynamic to the office.

Currently studying Japanese here in Japan, she is gearing up to take her PhD in Arts in Japan.

CC-chan has always had an attachment to the arts. At a young age, she began playing the traditional stringed instrument of China and still plays it to this day. She fell in love with visual arts in her early 20s and wanted to pursue a career in arts administration.

She has hosted a few workshops and had a large exhibition “A Celebration of Chinese Opera,” held in the gallery of the American University’s Katzen Arts Center. Where she displayed her own works and works from various artists depicting the unique and vibrant styles of the Chinese Opera. You can check out an article about her exhibition from the Washington post here
It’s such a great initiative and unique display!

When she searched for her PhD course, she was looking to focus her attention on Asian art. She had been studying general art and is now looking to focus her studies to better understand and specialize in a specific art form.
That lead her to Japan, she enjoys the adventure of living in a new country and really enjoys it in Japan.

When asked what brought her to Active-Connector. She has an understanding of marketing but the industry does not relate to the arts. She felt this will allow her to gain and capitalize on the experiences she will gain from working in the recruiting industry. She will get to meet different individuals and have a better grasp on how to connect with people. This was something that was difficult when she first started promoting her first exhibition and she wanted to understand it better while enjoying her work in a different field. As she understands the struggles foreign students go through to find work, she felt this helped her have a better understanding of the Japanese culture and job market to better help her prepare for when she moves to the art industry in the future.

We have a variety of backgrounds here in Active-Connector and Xichen has further added to that variety. We hope she enjoys her time here and you get to meet her in the office!

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