Apr 23 2019 Go beyond the work!

Active Connector has seven core values that we are committed to follow and incorporate in every decision and activity we go through in our company. One of those core values is “Go Beyond the Work”. This core value represents our idea that we consider our work not only as a means to achieve something, but we consider it as a place where one’s personal mission is realized. Since we consider our work as our own personal mission, we never stop trying to improve ourselves and learning new things for our work. 

Having said that, we have officially started our new initiative within the team: study group session with IT professionals! 

It is amazing to have this opportunity which we can ask our questions directly with the professionals!

Every other week, we are inviting experienced IT engineers, who are currently working in Japanese startups or large companies, to share their insights about IT job trends and be able to hear their advice on how we can provide better services while incorporating our values to foreign candidates under this industry.

Yesterday, we invited a Cloud Engineer (Back End Engineer) who works for one of the Japanese Startups. We had a very interactive discussion with him and learned so much about Back End Engineering.

We invited Cloud Engineer for our second session!

We are very excited to keep learning and improving ourselves! 

We hope that we can help you find your IKIGAI in Japan and provide you with good career consultation services. We also constantly strive to find great and innovative startups with values that align to our mission and vision. 


This is the first session we had with experienced engineer who has been promoted up to the head of IT department in Japan!

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