Nov 26 2019 Career Interview Practice Session with GLOBIS University students

Photo by Globis University

Active Connector conducted a job interview practice and workshop session with Globis University full time students last November 13th. 

Amidst Japan’s changing work environment and culture, companies still value tradition and formal practices as it is viewed as a sign of respect and formality. That’s why it’s still very important to know basic Japanese business manners from entering the elevator to knowing where to seat in an interview room up to the degree of bowing. This not only shows respect for Japanese culture, but as well as showing genuine interest in eventually adapting to the country’s practices while still highlighting your uniqueness as a foreigner.

Nichole Syjueco, Active Connector’s Marketing Officer, together with Kyoko Miyamoto, AC’s Career Development Officer, conducted the session. They had the opportunity to mentor and participate in the actual workshop with international students re-enacting job interview scenarios.

The session was really fun and insightful even for our side as we got to understand what worries these hopeful students in successfully securing a career in Japan, on a deeper level.

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