Apr 23 2019 Gave a talk at Startup Lady Japan event!

Active Connector CEO/Founder Asami Matsumoto gave a talk at Startup Lady Japan event on March 27th, 2019. 

Startup Lady Japan is NPO that provides networking event and mentoring services to female entrepreneurs in Japan with the mission of female empowerment in Japan. Startup Lady Event is for female entrepreneurs as well as startups supports and people who are working on new business development sections in their respective companies.

On March 27th event, there were more than 50 participants in the venue. Active Connector CEO Asami Matsumoto gave a talk on the topic of “Connections”. 

After Asami’s talk, there was panel discussion with the representative from Startup Lady Japan. The session was interactive as many people actively asked questions and Matsumoto shared her stories/insight to answer their questions. 

It has been about 6 years since Asami started Active Connector. When she founded the company, at that time, Startup Lady Japan was yet to exist, but Asami kept attending similar kind of entrepreneur support event almost every day. Since Asami had nothing but just her passion, she could expand her world through networking at those kinds of events. She is very grateful for all the opportunities(event) she could have when she started the company and she said she was very happy to be a part of Startup Lady Japan event as a speaker. 

Though Asami gave a talk for fellow female entrepreneurs we consider ourselves still at starting point when we think of our big goals that we want to achieve. We are all committed to grow and achieve our mission and vision and we truly believe we can do it. We mean WE WILL do it!

While we will focus on achieving our goals, whenever we are given this kind of opportunities where we can give back to society and share our experiences/knowledges, we would be more than happy to be a part of it. This startup community is based on “Pay Forward” spirit. Business is not Zero-Sum game but together with everyone, without looking after short term gain, we can together grow and achieve each mission/vision. Life is great!!

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