Nov 9 2017 End of the working day, how do you spend your evening?

Trying out a new working hour system, how has it benefited our team members?

We started a trial period for our ‘Core working hours’. This allows our team to come to work earlier or later, as long as they are here during the core hours. This is a picture of our office just 5 minutes before the latest closing time. Everyone has already left and gone home!

A few minute before this picture, we had our last member leave the office with the usual, ” Otsukare sama desu!”. Keiko was leaving the office, but I noticed she was in her sports attire. When I thought all the team goes home after a long day at work, it looks like they have other activities they participate in after work.

Keiko had a pair of boxing gloves hanging from her bag. She said she regularly goes to a boxing gym near her home. It keeps her feeling refreshed and energized and helps her keep a healthy lifestyle. It seems many of the team members also have extra activities they do after work. They now are able to leave work earlier to have extra time for these activities. This helps with their work-life balance.

We really try to not have our team members work too much overtime. As this is a detriment to their health and productivity. I understand that sometimes they have to complete a certain task on the day and overtime is needed, but the well-being of our team is our top priority. So we are glad that this new trial has a positive reaction from the team and we are hoping this will continue to lead to a better working environment.

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