Oct 31 2019 Dr. Motaz (Sabri), AI Engineer for Tech Solutions Company

“Active Connector has been making many people’s lives really colorful by hooking them with the right company.” – Dr. Motaz Sabri

Last week, Active Connector had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Dr. Motaz Sabri, one of AC’s success stories. He is a Palestinian computer engineer who is currently working for a tech startup here in Japan as an AI scientist and research engineer.

He graduated in Palestine with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and came to Japan six year ago to complete his master’s and doctorate degree in Artificial Emotional Awareness from Hiroshima University. After he graduated, Dr. Sabri registered with Active Connector and trusted us with matching him with the right company.

“I had the opportunity to get hooked with Active Connector to be recruited and I was really lucky to find the company that I’m working with [now].”

When did you come to Japan?

I came to Japan 6 years ago (2013), I completed my master’s and PhD at Hiroshima University.

Why did you want to work in Japan?

It started in 2012 when I was working in Palestine and I realized I was working a lot for our clients and I just get salary in return and experience. I decided to switch to research and I applied to many scholarships. While I was also applying, I thought to myself that if it’s Japan it must be Hiroshima. It’s a very big inspiration to me because Hiroshima, land that rose from the ashes, has a sad history that resonates with Palestine. The motive was to learn how Japan rebuilt the city while maintaining the culture.

According to Dr. Sabri, during his job-hunting in Japan, he had a difficult time looking for a job that fit his preferences. It was a challenge to find a company where he could see himself working at and growing in. But at that time, one of the things he did was update his LinkedIn profile and through that, Active Connector was able to reach out to him and offer our free services.

However, why would anyone help you find a job for FREE? Why would anyone do the work of looking for a job that meets your preferences without asking for anything in return? This can make anyone skeptical. Is it too good to be true? No, Active Connector prides itself in helping foreigners find the right job in Japan for FREE. We do not charge the candidates.

Having nothing to lose, Dr. Sabri registered for our services. One consultants went through his CV and conducted interviews with him to know more about his qualifications and job preferences. AC’s consultants listened to what he was looking for in a company, the kind of corporate culture he wants the workplace to have, his priorities, etc. and coordinated with our skilled account managers to match him with the right company. 

During our sit-down with Dr. Sabri, he expressed how grateful he is to Active Connector and how he thinks he wouldn’t have found the right job if it were not for our help.
Thank you, Dr. Sabri, for giving us the opportunity to assist you!

Active Connector aims to help more people, like Dr. Motaz Sabri, find a job that fits their preferences by supporting candidates throughout the whole process of finding and securing a job. As a recruitment firm, our mission is not just to help our client companies find the right people, but we also strive to help individuals find the right company and keep supporting their growth even after.

Want to know more about Dr. Sabri’s career journey? Watch our interview session with him here:

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