Nov 24 2017 Dinner night: Peruvian food!

Sebastian in front of the Peruvian restaurant

When we have a special occasion such as welcoming a new member to the team or a member’s birthday, we often have a little get together or order pizza in the office. However, we sometimes stumble across a nice restaurant that we just have to try. So we schedule a time for the team to visit.

Yesterday we had a small outing to a Peruvian restaurant that one of our members saw on TV! As Sebastian is Peruvian, we thought it would be great to experience food from his hometown.

A few dishes from the dinner

Sebastian was kind enough to order the dishes for us. He knew the best dishes and made sure we were getting the best and most popular dishes that the locals enjoy! He also answered any questions we had about each dish.

Thank you Sebastian!

As we have a few interns joining our team recently, this was a great opportunity for the team to really get to know them and welcome them properly to our group! It is quite difficult to have the whole team make it to these outings, so it was great for all of us to be there and spend valuable time bonding.

It was a great time and hopefully, we will have another one soon! What’s next? Malaysian? Papua New Guinean? Let’s see!

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