Aug 28 2018 Digital Marketing & Recruitment Assistant: Transforming the way we work

Established in 2013, we are a growing company whose mission is to connect passionate young global talent with innovative companies in Japan. Our vision is to transform Japan and ensure that everyone will enjoy pursuing their passion within their work place.


Commonly held beliefs of homogeneity in Japanese society are perhaps best reflected in one of its oldest aphorisms “the nail that sticks out gets hammered in.”  As a result of this, many people, particularly those with an international background do not feel comfortable to express their uniqueness and their passion entirely – this is particularly evident in Japan’s work culture.


Our company believes that conforming to traditional systems, particularly in job-hunting in Japan (i.e. Shukatsu) limits fulfillment in the work place. By connecting global talent to Japan’s most innovative companies, we believe that these companies can become the models for other Japanese companies and individuals, and demonstrate how people can really live their passion in their work place. We want to show others that “to work is not a means to an end” but rather “to work itself is the end goal in achieving one’s passion”.


Our team is composed of highly motivated people, from various nationalities, with different cultural/educational/working background but with the collective ambition of building expertise within the human capital field, be it as sales manager, career consultant or others.


We embrace diversity and multiculturalism, and as such, we aspire to become a role model for companies in other industries too. We work on lot of “experiments” on how we can incorporate global trends in making the work place a better and fun place.


Expected Roles:

  1. Digital Marketing Support

・Create contents for SNS

・Post contents in Twitter, FB, and Linked in

・Create and send out mail magazines


  1. Recruiting Support

・Use recruitment platform to reach out to candidates



–   Using SNS on daily basis and very falimiar with Twitter, FB, and Linked in

– Native level English

– Able to keep

–  Passion in human resource/human capital field; or at least serious (proven) intention to build expertise in this area.

–    Able to commit to work for more than 6 months

–    Currently residing in Japan with valid visa to work for part time


Expected starting date: ASAP


Working Conditions:

– Working hours: 16 hours a week

*We are flexible about work days/time. You can specify your preferable work days/hours between 9:30-18:30 during weekdays

*It can be 2 days a week to 4 days a week

– 3-month trial period.

-Hourly wage: During trial period it will be 1000 JPY/hour. After trial period, it will be 1200JPY or above

– Transportation cost: covered up to ¥ 20,000 per month.


Application process

Apply  with your motivation letter and English CV to [email protected]

We will make a 5-minute call to promising candidates and eventually will invite for a face to face interview (conducted both in Japanese and English) with various team members.

Final selection process will include one day to two day trial work at our office

We will deliver the results in around 2 weeks.


Our working environment:

– We started in May 2013 with a really small team and small office. Thanks to our team’s passion in this field as well as great support base, we have grown in numbers and space and we are becoming a reference for foreigners not only in Japan, but also overseas.

– English and Japanese are the official languages but during interviews with students, other languages, such as Spanish, are also used/combined.

– We have been featured in mass media such as NHK, WBS (TV Tokyo), Nikkei Asia []

– Although all team members have their own working space, they also move around using various premises, including standing desks.

-English is used as main language in the office, while we combine Japanese among Japanese employees and also encourage non-Japanese speakers to improve Japanese

-Starbucks is located in walking distance, and nice greenery university campus is also in walking distance

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