Nov 24 2017 Dennis (Ecuador) Building a career from PhD to R&D

How did you find out about Active Connector?

I found Active Connector by searching on the Internet during my job hunting in Japan.

How hard/easy would you describe job hunting in Japan?

I think is quite difficult specially because of the language. Most of job descriptions are written in Japanese and requiring native level of Japanese writing and speaking skills.

How different would it have been without Active Connector?

It took more than 3 months looking for jobs that fit with my professional skills, constantly I found language restrictions and information just addressed to Japanese citizens. Active Connector was like an oasis in the desert in this aspect, they suggest me different options that fitted with my professional skills and with the companies’ interests.

How are you finding your new job? Any challenges/highlights?

My new job is great, and I’m contributing to the company with my experience and focus in what I know and like to do. Now I’m learning Japanese language and my Japanese colleagues thinks that they are improving their English skills too. So, it resulted in a win to win relationship. The main challenge continues been the Japanese language, although everybody at the company can speak English outside the company the day by day life without an appropriate level of Japanese is challenging, but now I can say that Japanese language is not so difficult to learn as I believed before and is very possible to get a good enough conversation skill in less than a year.

Do you have any advice for other members of Active Connector who are job hunting?

I think all cases are different, and depend a lot of the person itself, so my advice could be to trust in the Active Connector personnel because do a wonderful job. Focus on to be prepared like normally you do in a job hunt, show what you know and how can you contribute with the company that you are applying.

Would you recommend Active Connector to others? Why?

Yes, because Active Connector help in one of the most difficult parts of job hunting in Japan, that is to find the fit between your professional skills and the companies requirements, including Japanese companies interested in a more global expansion. For the companies, employees with different languages skills can facilitate relationships with international clients or possible clients.

What was the most helpful/positive feature about your experience with Active Connector?

The most helpful and positive feature about my experience with Active Connector was the communication with the Active Connector personnel, everybody was very kind and full intentioned to help. I’m very pleased with all of them and is difficult to explain with words how much I appreciate all the effort that they did for my cause. Another great surprise was the diversity of the personnel in active connector, I had the honor to meet persons from different countries, all of them were supportive, cordial and warm even in my native language, Spanish.

What advice would you give to the Active Connector to better support members like you in their job hunting in Japan?

Is difficult to find something to suggest to Active Connector. My suggestion could be to get bigger. This kind of agency is a proud for Japan by their quality and success.

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