Nov 6 2017 David Ahne, Associate Consultant

Name: David Ahne
Position: Associate Consultant
Nationality: USA

Went to UC Davis to pursue the career as a doctor, but later realized that it was not in line with his dream.
While exploring his other passions, he was attracted to the idea of stepping out of the country to explore the world. He traveled to Korea and later landed in Japan and fell in love with the country.
He started his career at a Japanese recruitment firm. As he wanted to work more with startups and IT professionals, he joined Active Connector.
His dream is to have his own business and is currently exploring the seeds of business while exposing himself to a lot of great startups in Active Connector.

Hobbies: Photography, Live Music, Traveling

Comments from David:

I used to work in recruitment here in Japan previously, so I know just how limiting it can be for foreigners to find jobs and companies that want to hire them. That is why at Active Connector, I want to best support you with all our resources and effort.

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