Nov 8 2017 Consultant & Web Marketing position

About Active Connector

Established in 2013, we are a growing company whose mission is to be a bridge between bright, active international people and innovative companies in Japan aspiring to be global.

Commonly held beliefs of homogeneity in Japanese society is perhaps best reflected in one of its oldest aphorisms “the nail that sticks out gets hammered in.” As a result of this, many people, particularly those with an international background do not feel able to express their uniqueness entirely – this is particularly evident in Japan’s work culture.

Our company sees conforming to traditional systems, particularly in job-hunting in Japan (i.e. Shukatsu) limits fulfillment in the work place and impedes innovation in Japan. By connecting global talent to Japan’s most innovative companies we hope to foster diversity and inclusivity in Japan.

Our team is composed of highly motivated people, from various nationalities, with different cultural/educational/working background but with the collective ambition of building expertise in the human capital field, be it as sales manager, career consultant or others.

We embrace diversity and multiculturalism, and as such, we aspire to become a role model for companies in other industries too.

Expected Roles:

A) Core roles:
– Provide career consulting session to registered users (mostly foreign international students and also mid-career professionals), in English.
– Introduce jobs that match candidates’ profile and expectations.
– Prepare recommendations ensuring quality.
– Communicate with candidates in a timely fashion concerning interviews with companies, schedules, via email and phone.
– Record information in a timely and accurate manner, using our internal database system.

B) Side (important) roles:
– In charge of the social media marketing task. This will include managing a variety of digital channels and ensuring content is delivered on a consistent and timely basis. Existing channels include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other mediums. Familiarity with managing content and growing a userbase is advantageous. In addition to this, showing some ability to convert visitors to these various pages into registered users or paid customers/purchases is an added advantage.
– This task will focus on outreach through digital channels which will require the initiative to understand competitors; explore and experiment with mediums that may improve the flow of registrations and traffic to our respective website. Evidence of past experience in this would also be advantageous.


Core ones:
– Passion in human resource/human capital field; or at least serious (proven) intention to build expertise in this area.
– Great communication skills (be able to interact smoothly with Japanese and foreign people)
– Native level English
– Proficient with computers (familiarly with Mac); Ability to use Excel.
– Passion for making a positive change in people’s life by providing guidance.
– Proven ability to set priorities and be able to focus on important tasks.
– Proven ability to delegate tasks (e.g. to career consultant support staff).
– Can start ASAP (November/2017 at the latest).
– Experience/interest in developing skills with digital marketing across multiple channels – this will include management of Newsletters through MailChimp; Facebook groups; LinkedIn group; Twitter; Facebook ads and Google ads.
– Currently residing in Japan with valid visa *Possible to issue work visa, but we cannot accept the applicants with a tourist visa.

Preferred ones:
– IT knowledge (beyond traditional Microsoft Office) or experience
– Working experience in the HR field, but in other fields/roles as well.
– Good knowledge of the Japanese job market, industries, and career trends.
– Commitment to work for the company for a long time.
– Currently residing in the Tokyo area

Expected starting date: ASAP

Working Conditions:

– Working hours: Monday~Friday; 9:30~18:30 (1-hour lunch break at your convenient time).
– Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, paid leaves, sick-paid leaves, ceremonial paid leaves, end of the year holidays, and additional 2 paid leaves if all paid leaves are taken (to encourage rest and good energy re-charging in our team members).
– 3-month trial period.
– Monthly salary based on your experience
Model salary is as below:
With no or less than one year of related professional work experience: Monthly salary: 210,000JPY
With more than one year and less than three years of related work experience: Monthly salary: 220,000JPY to 230,000JPY
With more than three years of related work experience: Monthly salary: 240,000JPY to 250,000JPY
・Bonus: performance incentives in the shape of 3% of our company sales from each successful match you help to secure, to be paid every 4 months.
-Expected annual salary (if you perform as expected) will be between 3.2 million JPY to 4 million JPY including the performance based bonus *Possible to exceed this amount if you perform well
– If you reside in walking distance from our office, your will received additional ¥ 30,000 per month as housing allowance.
– Transportation cost: covered up to ¥ 30,000 per month.
-Salary promotion: Once a year (April)

Application process

Apply “here” attaching your English CV, and 1-page motivation letter (English).
We will make a 5-minute call to promising candidates and eventually will invite for a face to face interview with various team members.
Final selection process will include one day to two day trial work at our office.
We will deliver the results within 1 week.

Our working environment:

– We started in May 2013 with a really small team and small office. Thanks to our team’s passion in this field as well as great support base, we have grown in numbers and space and we are becoming a reference for foreigners not only in Japan, but also overseas.
– English and Japanese are the official languages but during interviews with students, other languages, such as Spanish, are also used/combined.
– We have been featured in mass media such as NHK, WBS (TV Tokyo), Nikkei Asia []
– Although all team members have their own working space, they also move around using various premises, including standing desks.
-English is used as main language in the office, while we combine Japanese among Japanese employees and also encourage non-Japanese speakers to improve Japanese
-Starbucks is located in walking distance, and nice greenery university campus is also in walking distance”

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